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Calum Chace

Calum Chace

Best-selling writer on artificial intelligence

Calum Chace is a best-selling writer and sought-after speaker on artificial intelligence.  He focuses on the medium and long-term impact of AI on all of us as individuals, societies and economies.

His non-fiction books on AI are The Economic Singularity, about the prospect of widespread technological unemployment, and Surviving AI, about the likelihood of strong AI and superintelligence.  He is also the author of Pandora’s Brain, a techno-thriller about the first superintelligence.

Before becoming a full-time writer and speaker, Calum Chace had a 30-year career in journalism and business, in which he was a marketer, a strategy consultant and a CEO.

After working for the BBC Calum joined BP in sales and marketing in both the UK and UAE. He then moved into consulting with AMR and then KPMG where he became a director where he oversaw media and strategic and commercial intelligence. After a period returning to media and marketing, and also as CEO of a tech startup, he focused on writing.He maintains his interest in business by serving as chairman and coach for a selection of growing companies.  In 2000 he co-wrote The Internet Startup Bible, a business best-seller published by Random House.

Calum studied philosophy at Oxford University, where he discovered that the science fiction he had been reading since boyhood was actually philosophy in fancy dress.

Calum Chace provides a brief historical look at the development of the new world of deep learning AI as well as evidence for both sides of the argument to guide the audience through this strange new world. He also considers the impact, direct or otherwise, of machine learning from driverless cars to a world where very few people have to work.

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Surviving AI

What is this AI thing anyway?
AI's Big Bang, and the state of the art today
Can we create human-level AI?
Would a Superintelligence be our friend?
AI ethics and safety

The Economic Singularity: a jobless future?

What is this AI thing anyway?
The power of exponentials, and AI ethics
The Luddite Fallacy, and its opposite
How to be happy in a jobless future
The future needs you

Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities

Congratulations on choosing to live at the best time ever
The achievements, the promise and the ethics of AI
The economic singularity: joblessness and the leisure society
The technological singularity: superintelligence
Humanity's most important century

The philosophy of AI

Intelligence, consciousness, and AI
Trolleyology and ethics: should you throw the fat man off the bridge?
Slave to the algorithm (apologies to Grace Jones)
Could a machine be moral?
Are we living in the Matrix?

Calum did a fantastic job engaging the whole audience and was very well received. The feedback on was absolutely spot on.


Thank you for giving us such an inspirational keynote speech at our ethics and AI event last night. You managed to be accessible, challenging and hugely interesting all at the same time – quite an achievement!


Calum went down very well, a fascinating and thought-provoking presentation. Thank you.

Century Link

He was absolutely fantastic! All the delegates gave very positive feedback on Calum’s contributions, and he added a great deal to the day, and not just in his allocated sessions. We really appreciated him staying around. We’d like to extend a huge big thank you to him. He was excellent.

Hymans Robertson


Calum Chace

The Economic Singularity

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Calum Chace

Surviving AI

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Calum Chace

Pandora's Brain

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Calum Chace

The Internet Startup Bible

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