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Caspar Craven

Adventurer and Entrepreneur

Caspar Craven believes in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become truly effective and create extraordinary results.

Listen to Caspar Craven’s podcast to learn more about him here

He has 30 years’ experience in building teams to make things happen. Starting as an entrepreneur at the age of 14, he has built and led teams in global corporations, start-up businesses, struggling businesses and high growth businesses. He has built a team on a trophy-winning world racing yacht. But his toughest challenge by far was building his family team to sail around the world: with his wife and three children aged 9, 7 and 2.

Caspar Craven has built three separate successful million dollar businesses from scratch and sold one whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean.

Caspar’s experience also covers 10 plus years in Professional services including 5 years at KPMG Corporate Finance working in lead advisory on M&A deals, 3 years at Baker Tilly Chartered Accountants and several stints as a CFO, latterly selling technology company Bighand to Lloyds Development Capital.

He is also very keen at looking at the way our education system works and seeing if he can help engineer a better way of learning for the 21st century.

In his Keynotes, Workshops and After Dinner Talks, Caspar takes the audience through the key steps he’s developed to create and build winning, high-performance teams in business, sport and family environments. These steps are told through the story of his latest adventure, sailing around the world with his family. He weaves in stories from his experiences leading a team on the world’s toughest yacht race, building three separate successful million dollar businesses, and building teams within global corporates.

Caspar Craven delivers a truly memorable message with energy, with humility and humour so that you come away inspired with fresh ideas and energy to have the biggest impact on those that you work and spend time with.  Each session is tailored to meet the exact needs of your organisation.

View Caspar’s masterclass: The Brave Leader

View Caspar’s masterclass: Charting Success

"A trusted friend connected me with with Maria and her team. I love that Maria and her excellent team listen to you, give great advice and are super responsive” Caspar

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Embracing the Storm

How to deal with adverse conditions and turn them into opportunity.

• Strategies to prepare for the storm

• Breaking down silo’s so everyone works together

• Why you need to be prepared to build rapidly after the storm

Agile Leadership in Turbulent Times

How should leaders act in a fast changing and uncertain world, and keep their team on the boat whilst successfully moving forwards? In this engaging and plain speaking talk, Caspar covers the essential skills that leaders at all levels need to embrace to lead well in challenging market conditions. Caspar shares unforgettable stories from both business, family and adventure experiences to deliver a knock out talk.

Leadership vs Follower-ship and Collaboration

How do you build a high performance, winning team with smiles on their faces?

• How to get a team that operates in silos to collaborate effectively.
• Why so many businesses get values wrong and what to do about it.
• Strategies to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team.
• How to create momentum from inertia.
• Keeping cool and thriving amongst uncertainty, adversity and failure.

Create a business that can run without you

How to turn an ordinary business into an extraordinary business, and then into a business that can run without you.

• How to create the team that performs better without you.
• Develop the focus that means your team are as engaged as you are.
• Develop resilience and proven strategies to deal with uncertainty.
• How to position your business so that bidders are fighting to buy it.
• Why “hustle” is a terrible idea.

Resilience (made so simple a 5 year old can understand it)

How do you create a team that thrives in uncertainty, embraces failure and creates momentum?

• Creating rituals, habits and patterns that become the bedrock of your culture.
• Inspiring stories that point to the seeds of success in every failure.
• Why almost everybody else is wrong, and why you MUST challenge industry norms.
• What children can teach you about engagement.

Thrive: What Business can learn from Family

What makes a business Thrive?
What makes a family Thrive?

It’s exactly the same things. Learn how you can create a thriving business AND a thriving family at exactly the same time.

• Getting everyone to head in the same direction.
• How to handle ego and disengaged team members.
• Why Values aren’t just for business and how you can really make them stick.
• Why Family First leads to a more profitable and rewarding business.

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There’s always an element of pressure when it’s you that has introduced the key note speaker for an important event. Unsurprisingly though, Caspar did not let me down. Having known Caspar professionally for at least 10 years , I felt proud to see how he has used his wealth of business experience and his phenomenal experience of circumnavigating the world with his young family in a 53 foot yacht! What I found especially powerful was the balance between inspiration and practical points to takeaway. Caspar has cleverly crafted his talk to equate his and his family’s experiences and challenges, the highs and the lows, to a business context. Irrespective of profession, sector and experience, everyone in the room could relate Caspar’s talk to their own situation. From my own perspective I already subscribe to the critical importance of values, culture and behaviour and Caspar reinforced these messages powerfully and with humour and humility.

Institute of Directors

Caspar was our motivational speaker at our EMEA launch event and delivered very powerful and relevant takeaways. His messages were told through highly memorable stories which touched people on many levels. His messages around teamwork, values, being resourceful and how to deal with tough challenges - despite the odds - were exactly what we wanted. Caspar totally delivered the goods and I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.

Exclusive Networks

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Caspar address an audience of over 800 technology channel people in Cannes, France. A mix of senior executives, managers, sales, marketing and techies, of which 3/4 were from outside the UK so English wasn’t their first language.
Despite the language barrier Caspar had them engaged for over an hour telling his story with purpose, vulnerability, humour and humility, making it relevant and demonstrating how the biggest of challenges can be overcome. It just goes to demonstrate the power of a great story. Highly recommended for any business looking to grow its leadership teams

Cohesive Communications

Caspar delivered a 90 minute keynote presentation to our leadership members at Progress and the feedback has been exceptional! Caspar delivered what was one of the most inspiring stories bundled with numerous leadership lessons that can be applied in your personal life and at work. One of our members described themselves as going through all the emotions through Caspar's talk and one even described it as life changing. Caspar you were truly exceptional, like your story, like your family and like your success. To top it all off, Caspar is a genuinely lovely guy! Thank you for speaking at Progress.

Progress UK


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