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Chris Moon

Chris Moon

First amputee ultra runner, Marathon des Sables

Chris Moon is one of the most fortunate people to be alive you’re likely to meet. He should be dead many times over and his exploits have been covered in a Discovery documentary with the cheerful title I Shouldn’t Be Alive.

Chris is a former British Army Officer with three years operational experience who left to work for a charity clearing landmines. He survived being taken prisoner in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge (one of the most brutal terror groups in history) and negotiated his release and that of two colleagues from threatened execution.

Listen to Chris Moon’s podcast to learn more about him here

In 1995 he was blown up in a supposedly safe area of a minefield in remote East Africa losing an arm and a leg. He survived initially because he treated himself. About fourteen hours after injury he arrived in South Africa where doctors said they’d never seen anyone live with such a small amount of blood. He recovered three or four times faster than was expected, was out of hospital in less than two months and within a year of leaving hospital ran the London Marathon, raised significant sums to help disabled people in the developing world and successfully completed a full time Masters Degree.

Chris Moon taught himself to run and is the world’s first amputee ultra distance runner. In 1997 he completed the gruelling Marathon De Sables. Since then he’s run the world’s toughest ultra-marathons, including the Badwater Death Valley 135 mile ultra and the West Highland Way 95 mile Race which he recently completed, while trialling a new running leg. He’s run numerous ultra-distance events and several one thousand mile events. When it comes to challenging the concept of limitation, adapting to change and overcoming adversity he literally walks the talk.

Chris helps people do what they do better. He draws on his unique experiences to illustrate principles people can use in their daily lives. As well as a practical understanding of human performance in the most extreme situations and overcoming adversity, Chris also holds a Masters Degree in human behaviour and management theory.  As a speaker Chris delivers humour, passion and inspiration. Topics include change, motivation, risk and safety, communication, improving sales and personal and strategic leadership. He runs short workshops to improve individual and team performance & coaches and mentors a wide variety of executives.

"MFL are always a joy to deal with charming, competent, can do and professional." Chris

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Personal and Strategic Leadership

Chris has unique experience of leadership in its rawest form where people have gone beyond the point at which they feel they are able to go any further. In all of the charity trips he’s led, whether it is cycling the length of a country like Cambodia or climbing Kilimanjaro, 100% of his people have successfully and safely completed the challenge.
Different situations require different solutions. One size does not fit all. In many organisations leaders are responsible for creative people with specialist technical knowledge and abilities who don’t always enjoy structure and direction.


In the current economic climate, where many companies had to make an adjustment two years ago after the banking crisis and now with Eurozone issues, people are literally being asked to go the extra mile in challenging markets. Chris did his first ultra-marathon in 1997 (the Marathon Des Sables) and as far as we know was the first amputee ultra-distance runner and perhaps more importantly he’s still going strong, in fact faster than ever after 15 years. He can share a practical philosophy which will empower his audience to go the extra mile.


Chris has a passion for the process of achievement and has been a bespoke motivational speaker delivering to specific client briefs for ten years obtaining top feedback scores. In everything he says and does he challenges the concept of limitation. When his first ultra the Marathon Des Sables was covered around the world, his words were quote of the week in Time Magazine: The biggest limits in life are those we impose on ourselves often without even realising it.


Human beings are creatures of habit. We naturally settle into a comfort zone. When asked to change different people react differently. Some people experience negative emotions and fear which need to be dealt with. Others may develop unrealistic expectations. If managed and led correctly the negativity can be removed from the change process and desired outcomes can be achieved.

Improving Sales

Through Chris’s unique life experience and skill as a presenter he grabs the salesperson by the psyche and delivers paradigm shifting insight to ensure they deliver now and in the future. If you want training on objection handling and closing this is not the seminar for you. If you want to radicalise your profit generators then Chris is your man.

Risk and Safety

The clear moral responsibility of keeping staff safe at work, reputation issues and the huge cost of shutdown and other hidden costs are now widely recognised. Chris examines individual and group behaviours and thinking beyond procedures.

Many thanks for another stellar performance. The teams haven’t stopped talking about it and the feedback we have received has been tremendous. It really hit the mark with everyone. Thanks again for a truly brilliant day.

British Gas Sales

Your determination to do more than just survive and your positive mental attitude demonstrate your personal resilience,making you a role model many of us seek to emulate.


Chris shared experience, learning and principles which broadened our understanding of all risk and safety issues. He also helped us understand the true human, financial and business costs of accidents and the real business benefits of pursuing zero accidents and getting risk and safety issues right. All of our business leaders and managers left with a better understanding of the causes of accidents and how to prevent them. The feedback was very clear, people felt able to do their jobs and lead much more effectively.


Thank you for speaking so enthusiastically and with such verve and purpose at our event. Points you made were so pertinent and thought-provoking. Your impeccable blend of humour, reflection, realism and brutal honesty was a perfect mix, it really captured the imagination of the audience and invigorated a positive mental attitude. Your insight into tackling limiting beliefs and use the power of self belief is a key, which will enable you to always take a positive stance.

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Chris Moon

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