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Chris Moss

Brand and Marketing Leader

Chris Moss is a highly experienced board level Brand and Marketing leader, who has already created 3 multi-billion dollar brands. A customer driven marketeer, with a record of delivering broad scale business transformation and sustained bottom line growth. Builder of product, service, staff and customer engagement campaigns and knowledgeable across the Technology, Service and Travel sectors with a particular interest in changing markets. Chris is a world-class team builder, motivator and creator of positive corporate brand cultures as well as a divergent thinker and natural problem solver.

Chris is the Founder and CEO of MAV3RICK.  The company is formed of a group of over 20 divergent thinkers who have all served time as execs, non-execs and advisory board members across private and public companies, and in Retail, Banking, Telecoms, Travel and more.  They delight in thinking the extraordinary and thrive on staying restless rather than join the status quo.  They love growing companies and delivering customer benefits.

Previously Chris Moss was an independent advisor for the Kingfisher Board, then joined B&Q to redefine and implement their customer proposition and strategy. It became clear that prior to any customer engagement, there was a more urgent need for an employee engagement strategy. After repurposing the business, he created a 3 year turnaround plan. This led to a number of business changes that culminated in measurable year on year uplift in retail turnover, basket size, staff and customer engagement.

During his role as CEO for 118 118 he launched the market leading directory enquiries service taking the business from 5 to 5000 employees and attaining a billion dollar valuation and subsequently led the successful international roll out and localisation into France, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and the USA (KGB). The company won the IPA effectiveness Award, ‘Campaign of the Year’ and ‘Superbrand of the Year’.

Chris Moss was Board Director of Marketing at Orange and created and launched the Orange brand and directed what is considered to be one of the most successful business launches in the last 20 years which contributed to the eventual sale to France Telecom in 2000 for £25 Billion.

He was also previously Board Director of Marketing, NPD, Catering and In-Flight Entertainment for Virgin Atlantic where he developed the product, service and brand differentiation strategy to take Virgin Atlantic from single aircraft to much loved international brand. He was the inventor of product differentiators (now widely emulated) including Premium Economy, seat-back TV and on-board ice creams and created the first of many iconic advertising campaigns.

 As a speaker, Chris Moss covers a range of topics from Innovation & Creativity to Marketing & Brand, to Culture & Idea Generation, his background so vast, there is no end to the combination of topics he can present on.

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Seeing Things Differently

Imagine what happens when you see opportunities in a different way. We’re all trained at school to Sit down, Shut up and stop Daydreaming. At work we need the opposite. Time to dream, to imagine, to create. Time to be Bold, to find some magic, and time to make it happen.

Creativity at Work

From Brexit to Sustainability, and Innovation to business growth. Creativity is the lifeblood of businesses but most companies don’t know where to find it. Having spend years in Telecoms, Travel, Banking and Retail most companies have it… Here’s how to find it.

Culture kills Strategy every time

Building the right strategy is hard but it’s also about creating an enabling culture. So often great plans are killed by the little details like making it work. It’s about history and emotional intelligence. It’s not about the business IQ but about the business PQ Potential Quotient). It’s about having fun and believing it can work.

Great ideas Travel

Where do ideas come from and how do you make the most of them. 101 easy ideas, to help your company grow.

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