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Claudia Olsson

Digital Transformation Strategist

Claudia Olsson is an innovation leader in the field of digital transformation who is a newly appointed Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She is the founder and CEO of Exponential AB, a global consultancy specialised in providing strategic advice, analysis and professional development related to the digital transformation. Specialising in exponential technologies, future trends, leadership and governance, her work focuses on the impact of new technologies on citizens, society and global markets.

Claudia Olsson has researched cutting-edge technologies in laboratories and ventures in South Korea, Japan and Singapore as well as her work with Singularity University in Silicon Valley and her digitalisation work in the Nordic countries. She has interacted with humanoid robots, cyborgs as well as with the latest applications of neuroscience, synthetic biology and blockchain.

In 2016, Claudia authored the Sweden 2030 future scenario for the Digitalisation Commission at the Government of Sweden, focused on the digital, integrated, smart and competitive society. She also co-authored the acclaimed report Blockchain-Decentralized Trust for the Entrepreneurship Forum.

Claudia Olsson has served as Senior Advisor to the Office of Strategic Analysis at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sweden, helping the Government to identify and analyse long-term trends in technology and globalisation. She previously set up and managed the policy think-tank ACCESS Health International in Singapore following her work for ACCESS in India and her assignment with the United Nations, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

In addition to repeatedly being ranked as one of Sweden’s top young business talents, Claudia has been awarded multiple honours including The Young Leader of the year in Sweden by 4Potentials, a Leader of the Next Generation by the Stars Foundation in Switzerland and China (Penglai), a Gifted Citizen by La Ciudad de las Ideas in Mexico and the European David Rockefeller Fellowship at the Trilateral Commission.

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How to Digitalise: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Large Companies

With the fourth industrial revolution reforming our business models, there is a need for companies and governmental organizations to develop agile and growth-oriented strategies for the digital world. To stay ahead of the game, businesses need to adopt key technologies, redesign parts of their value-chain, and develop partnership strategies in order to scale innovation. Based on her international experience and research into best practices in entrepreneurship and innovation within larger corporations, Claudia highlights methods, key success factors and practical solutions from industry leaders that can help businesses take the lead in their industry. She also provides concrete recommendations, in order to help companies better understand how to digitalize their units and ventures. Through her inspiring talk, Claudia helps the participants to understand how they can capture the full potential of opportunities in the digital age.

Digital Leadership and Transformation

With digital transformation impacting a variety of industries simultaneously, there is a need for a new approach to leadership and work methods. The expectations of the co-worker of the digital era, as well as the extended skill set they offer will have significant impact on the job markets. The rapid technological development and its disruptive nature, requires agile leadership, open to co-creation and interdisciplinary engagement. Claudia highlights best-practices that digital leaders have adopted and provides strategic guidance in leveraging new technologies for greater impact.

Exponential technologies

Fast-paced developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and synthetic biology are already affecting our lives and remodelling our markets, businesses and societal functions. Claudia shares the insights she had gained through research in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Silicon Valley, presenting cutting-edge applications of the technology and also their potential impact on various industries. Claudia’s lecture focuses on the challenges that these exponential technologies can help solve.

The Future of Jobs

The future labour markets will be shaped by the accelerating technological developments as well as our globalization and increased global mobility. Many current jobs are becoming automated and robots are entering our workplaces in both physical and virtual forms. The global human workforce is also moving online, engaging to a greater extent in the platforms created as a part of the growing freelance economy. Old structures for employment, remuneration, interaction with colleagues and clients, are experiencing rapid change. A new job market is taking shape. Claudia shares insights from her research into the jobs of the future, highlighting major trends and their impact as well as the key measures that employers need to consider to attract talent in the years to come. Claudia’s lecture focuses on unravelling the opportunities and challenges that the global digital labour market presents.

The Blockchain and the Cashless Socity

A technology that will change how the finance industry, businesses, governments and individuals transact and store information – the blockchain may be one of our times most revolutionary inventions. The blockchain enables global decentralised digital currencies and new forms of decentralised leaderless organizations as well as microbusiness development in large scale. After conducting extensive research into the potential of this disruptive technology for the Entrepreneurship Forum, Claudia introduces the potential disruptive power of the technology and engages the audience in thought-provoking scenarios for future applications in governance, finance and infrastructure.

The Future of Healthcare

With an increased access to readable data, advanced algorithms are starting to complement the traditional role of medical personnel. Health care is becoming personalized, predictive, participatory and preventive and the focus of health care is shifting from treating illnesses to keeping individuals healthy. The future of healthcare will require new skills, infrastructure and leadership, which Claudia addresses in her lecture. Claudia also highlights health care in the global context, having worked with access to health care in low- and middle income countries.

During our 100-year anniversary conference of Alecta, Claudia Olsson was a highly appreciated keynote speaker alongside former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Claudia shared her expertise into how cutting edge technology is disrupting the global labor market. Her presentation was highly inspirational, informative and dynamic and demonstrated a high level of understanding for the changing conditions of the global markets. Her insights in the following debate were mind opening for the audience and enabled us to take the discussions to the next level. Claudia’s insights are directly applicable to our organization, enhancing our strategic analysis with the new perspectives Claudia offered from her research and implementation work


Claudia delivered an outstanding speech. Based on personal experiences and global perspectives she took us on a journey into the future of technologies and digitalizing and presented dimensions none of us had even considered before. We walked away with many important eye openers and thought starters - very inspiring!

Triton Partners

Claudia gave us just what we had asked for – with excellence! In a short amount of time she managed to give the audience a potpourri of what’s the absolute latest trends around the world as well as what is going to be the next big thing. Claudia is the kind of speaker that will make the room interested, the audience is in for a performance at the same time as they will leave enlightened. Fantastic!

Helsingborgs stad

Claudia is a brilliant speaker. The way she captivates the audience by combining experience with personal insights of future technologies is absolutely phenomenal. I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding event. Claudia has opened my eyes to all the opportunities future technologies could bring to our organisation.

Stellar Capacity AB

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