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David Siegel

Authority on Business Agility and Blockchain

Web pioneer, author, serial entrepreneur, and business expert David Siegel played a small but key role in the development of the worldwide web, started one of the world’s first digital agencies and sold it to KPMG, and has been influential in the emergence of several new technologies. He has written four books on technology and business, including Pull, a visionary book on the future of personal data (Portfolio press, 2010). 

David has been writing about blockchain and its impact on society since 2015. In 2016, he started 20|30, a blockchain-innovation company based in Switzerland. The company has developed a comprehensive cryptocurrency index and is working on other blockchain-based projects. In July 2017, he led the team to a successful ICO of the Pillar project, raising over $20 million to bring to fruition the dream of the personal data locker and the world of Pull. With David as the CEO, the project is now operating in London.

David Siegel has given over 140 keynote speeches around the world, regularly conducts webinars, and writes often on innovation, investing, blockchain, business, startups, and investing. He is the author of The Token Handbook and is seen as a leading authority on the coming token economy. He has an ability to explain blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crypto-investing, and all the related terms in clear, plain language for business audiences. He is sought-after as a speaker at conferences, helping explain this new world and its opportunities.


Essays by David Siegel

Smart Data for Smart Contracts
The Lykke Platform — with Richard Olsen
Thoughts on disintermediating venture capital: globalbetaventures.com.
My Interview with Barack Obama: In which we discuss a variety of topics.
Decentral Station: A vision of a new world, based on blockchain.
The Culture Deck — 24 aspects of a responsive corporate culture.
People Don’t Click— How storytelling hijacked science.
Let’s Crowdfix the Data Problem Permanently Describes the personal data locker, including the video animation.
The Quick-Start Guide to the 21st Century — How we could use software to manage corporate ecosystems.
One Insane Habit the CEOs of Disney, Apple, Tesla, and Google share — a review of LinkedIn for job seekers.
ClimateCurious: 9,000 carefully written words on global warming.
Open Stanford: Business education is broken, and how to fix it.
VotingNinja.com: How we can vote smarter and get better outcomes.
Six Myths of Portfolio Construction: How to avoid common thinking mistakes when investing.

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Business Agility

Critical Thinking

David is one of the most gifted people I know. He is off-the-scale intelligent. He is a very talented author and speaker. He has tremendous vision in the application of technology and social trends. He is a pleasure to work with.

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A conversation with David Siegel will change your perspective. On what? It depends what you're talking about... But your perspective on something will change forever.

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David Siegel 5

Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business

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David Siegel 5

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David Siegel 5

Futurize Your Enterprise : Business Strategy in the Age of the E-customer

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David Siegel 5

Secrets of Successful Web Sites

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