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Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Consumer and Business Psychologist

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos is a Consumer and Business Psychologist at University College London (UCL). His research, teaching and consultancy work specialises in Business, Consumer/Branding and Occupational Psychology with a specialist interest in the contribution of social identity and group membership to a range of organisational processes, such as leadership, communication, organisational change, advertising, and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

Throughout his academic career he has held a number of international research fellowships, and has published widely on psychology and business oriented subjects, and articles in various periodicals and general interest journals. He is a leading commentator on consumer behaviour/psychology and a frequent guest on the BBC, as well as, acted as a scientific consultant in various periodicals such as Property Week, Esquire and The Guardian.

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Brand-Washing: A 7-point, science-based strategy to capture your customers’ attention and secure their loyalty

This informative and practical session will blend both scientific research and field insights to empower and sharpen your company’s existing marketing and research strategies with some of the latest tools that neuroscience and behavioural economics have to offer. We’ll highlight a series of easy-to-implement principles that successful businesses employ to not only capture their consumers’ attention, but more importantly to earn their loyalty. These strategies will cut through common misconceptions – including current trends to over-inflate the influence of generational gaps – and dive straight into the deep-rooted emotions that drive our decisions to consume, engage with, and ultimately choose a product or brand. As consumers face an often dizzying array of options, it’s more important than ever to re-define your proposition in a clear and meaningful way that will resonate with your customers and influence their buying decisions. And in this complex and competitive commercial environment, the ultimate advantage lies with a clear understanding of the science behind those critical behaviours, combined with the practical ability to track and adapt in a systematic way to the ever-evolving challenges of the marketplace.

Science-Driven Design: Utilising behavioural change and UX principles to supercharge your design practise

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper than the vaguely subjective criteria that often drive creative design decisions and learn how to understand, interpret and implement the underlying factors that drive consumers to engage with a product or brand? This session will unveil the science behind how people perceive the world around them, and the defining principles that cause them to engage with certain objects or images more than others. Whether it’s through physical interaction with your products, viewing your services online, or even listening to your message on the radio, your customers are continually engaging their emotions and physiological senses in a wide variety of ways to make both conscious and unconscious judgements about your products or services…judgements that are critical to the decision-making process. In today’s world, where so many businesses are reliant on both online and physical propositions, the key is to develop a clear understanding of the underlying science and harness the power of perception to better inform your creative design decisions as a critical factor in your ability to engage your target audience and lead your business to greater success.

Getting Under Their Skin: Proven tools and techniques to understand and influence the 21st century consumer

It’s often said that the key to influencing choice is to first identify and provide a solution to an underlying need. This session will empower participants to use data-driven strategies to better understand their consumers, above and beyond the basic demographic categories that often only scratch the surface in terms of how and why people make the choices they do. The world is constantly presenting us with new challenges, from technological innovations, to economic fluctuations, to world health crises, and with each wave of change, it’s critical that we have a deeper understanding of not only how these events might influence our consumers decision-making behaviours, but more importantly, why. Utilizing over a decade of research in behavioural science, Dr Tsivrikos will reveal practical techniques you can use to deepen your understanding of how consumers make daily choices, by uncovering their underlying desires and needs. Using both digital and psychology-driven methodologies, you’ll learn easily implemented principles that will make a real difference to your company’s marketing and research strategies. Because it’s only when we have a clear picture of people’s emotional aspirations that we’re able to unlock the critical insights that enable us to design an informed commercial proposition that will win not only our customers’ hearts, but also their minds.

Dimitrios is an excellent and engaging speaker with fascinating and practical insights into workplace and consumer behaviour. Dimitrios presented to a group of over 300 providing insights to the future behaviours of consumers in our industry and the changes that we can expect in the work place. Dimitrios brings together a great mix of academic rigour, clear insight and humour - I can highly recommend him to provide a thought provoking and fascinating talk.


Dimitrios has been an invaluable ally to us in helping our clients and partners understand the most complex conundrums. In the last 5 years, during times of fundamental change in consumer behaviours and motivations, he has illuminated our thinking many times. Perhaps the most powerful contribution that he’s made, however, is by speaking at our events, including a large-scale EMEA client conference, after which he was widely regarded as a highlight.


I found Dr Tsivrikos to be a powerful speaker. His message was thought provoking, inspiring, and gave our guests useful tools that could be incorporated immediately. The insights raised in his talk were not only relevant to our audience; they were delivered in a way to make them memorable and fun. If you are looking for an excellent guest speaker for your conference / summit / event, then you should definitely contact Dr. Dimitrios.



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