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Dominic Alldis

Leadership through music

As founder and CEO of Music & Management, Steinway Artist and RAM Professor Dominic Alldis combines decades of experience as a international musician with 15 years of facilitating innovative learning experiences for business using the metaphor of music.

Dominic Alldis is a multi-talented and versatile musician and performer, equally at home conducting symphony orchestras, improvising at the piano with bands and teaching students in the world’s finest conservatoires. He moves freely between contrasting musical worlds and combines a prestigious classical music heritage with extensive experience as a jazz band-leader and improviser.

As an artist exploring the synergy between different musical cultures, he is uniquely placed to bring his insights to the contemporary business world, with its need to maintain the ‘classical’ values of excellence and teamwork, while fostering the ‘jazz’ values of adaptability, disruption and innovation.

Dominic Alldis has worked with many of the world’s leading companies and business schools to create powerful musical experiences for executives. These events explore a range of key business concerns: leadership, collaboration, creativity and innovation, listening, decision-making, talent-management and the pursuit of excellence.

Dominic performs regularly in concert halls, festivals and jazz clubs around the world, and has made many acclaimed recordings. He is also an Honorary Associate and professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Dominic works with the world’s leading companies and organisations to create corporate training experiences that explore the parallels between music and business. By examining the conductor’s role within an orchestra, the jazz band and improvisation, and the creative process of a composer, Dominic introduces a dynamic vocabulary for discussing leadership, teamwork, innovation and personal development, inviting participants to explore new ways of thinking about business practice. Dominic offers a range of musical events, all of which can be adapted to meet specific corporate training objectives.

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Music and Culture Change

Music as a Metaphor for Business

Leadership Jazz

Teamwork and the jazz ensemble

The composer, creativity and innovation


Dominic Alldis was the motivational highlight of our conference and it was an honour to enjoy and listen to your performance on stage. We were absolutely delighted and excited, and the feedback was extremely positive…

Siemens Industry Software Gmbh

You bring to life what leadership embodies, inspiring our leaders to stretch to their fullest potential. Your insights about collaboration and trust resonate powerfully with our leaders in the context of their teams and the business. Simply magical…


An important part of the Leadership Development Centre was to stretch our managers' thinking about leadership using music as a metaphor. An important result was that our managers began to shift their mindset, seeing leadership through a jazz lens, as improvisation, collaboration and flexibility, not just through a traditional orchestral lens, as "conducting" a team...

Barclays Bank Plc

It is thanks to Dominic's powerful, yet simple, messages around being 'in tune' with each other while performing that I was able to be crystal clear about my management expectations for my top 50 executives: As Miles Davis said "don't play what you know, play what you hear...

Oracle Corporation

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