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Dominik Neidhart

Three-time competitor in the America‘s Cup

Dominik Neidhart is a top-class Swiss sportsman and a three-time competitor in the America‘s Cup. He was a member of the winning Alinghi crew in New Zealand.

It was after studying medicine that he turned to his passion of sailing. In three different America‘s Cup challenges – a less than successful launch project, a triumphant victory and a bitter defeat – he gained extensive experience in the complex organisation, demanding management and successful teamwork required to achieve this unique vision.

Few people are truly aware of the extreme situations a team on a high-technology racing yacht can get into when left to their own devices on the ocean at the mercy of tough weather conditions. There is probably no challenge as great, no challenge in which the success or failure of the whole attempt depends so much on the skills, the capability, the reliability and the mutual trust of every single member of the team. After all, the failure of any one member of the team can bring down the whole project and put the whole team in great danger. This is why crews of this kind are characterised by strict role allocation combined with mental strength and stamina, a strong physical and psychological presence, and empathy. Communication must be extremely fast and clear for all tasks to be carried out immediately and without error.

This makes a crew of this kind a textbook example of team players; their work can be used to study the success or failure of demanding team projects.

Dominik Neidhart analyses these processes in a manner which is extremely simple to follow, allowing his experiences and insights to be transferred to economic fields and to other organisations.

He subsequently used this teamwork-related experience in academic studies and has had work published on the matter. He remains an active yachtsman, works at a consultancy and makes international appearances as a successful speaker and seminar leader.

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