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Dr Diana Theodores

Presence and Performance Specialist

Dr Diana Theodores is a Presence and Performance Specialist, high energy speaker and bestselling author who inspires leaders to step into their biggest selves. At the heart of her book, Performing As YOU and in her uniquely dynamic work with leaders worldwide, her message is that “If all the world’s a stage, the greatest role you ever get to play is yourself. Yet your fullest, boldest, authentic self is often left outside the door of your organisation.”

Applying her 25 years of experience from the theatre stage to the business stage, Diana connects leaders with the energy of inspiration that great performances ignite – to feel more alive, aligned and purposeful – and invites them into their own personal rehearsal room to step into the spotlight of their fullest leadership presence and visibility. Diana’s global clients, from Finance to Formula 1, Energy to Entertainment, Technology to Retail describe her as a transformational energy conductor who offers an irresistible invitation to shine in all the roles they play.  The result is greater influence, engagement and fulfilment.

To learn more about Diana, listen to her podcast here

Diana serves on the faculties of the Cranfield School of Management, The Banff Centre and Mobius Executive Leadership. She’s published widely in New Business, Forbes, Business Life, We Are the City, The Smart Manager and many others and can be heard interviewed on radio, television and leadership podcasts.

A native New Yorker, residing in London, Diana is Director of Theatre 4 Business Ltd. and offers immersive live and online expertise for her clients, including speaking, performance coaching, and masterclasses.

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True Voice

Great communication requires fitness for the job. It is anything but a soft skill! In TRUE VOICE Diana begins with our habitual disconnect from our own voices, demonstrates why it is so critical to leverage the impact and intention of our voices as leaders and helps us to access and apply the fullest range of expression and energy in our voice to inspire and influence.

Banish Size Zero Thinking and Claim The ‘I’

In this talk for Women Leaders and Professionals, Diana combines storytelling, case studies, coaching pointers and interaction to focus on why it is essential to be our own talent scouts to raise our visibility and how to stop hiding behind ‘we’ and step into ‘I’ with integrity.

The Soul’s Campfire

In this interactive talk Diana explores the reawakening of our creativity in order to ignite the inner fire of our courage, confidence, meaning and purpose as leaders. She helps us tap into the limitless imagination, belief and state of wonder of the child in us, still true of us today but often dormant - and reminds us that if we’re alive we’re creative!

Your Story Shapes Who You Are

Almost half of female executives in the world feel they must compromise their authenticity as they reach top positions. Extensive research shows that the business world is crying out for women in leadership to be seen and heard fully as themselves as they step onto the business stage. In this interactive talk Diana shows us how our story profoundly shapes our presence and our voice, and how our story is our best asset - a powerful resource to leverage for our ‘brand clarity’ as leaders and serve those we lead.

The Now of Presence

We often think of presence as an elusive charismatic quality that attracts and commands attention and that ‘you either have it or you don’t.’ Witnessing that star power on stage is captivating for an audience and we can celebrate the gifts of those stars. But for our day to day leadership, with our teams and in meetings and in critical communication moments there is another kind of presence which ensures positive impact. This is the practice of being in the now.

Your Inner Revolutionary

In this interactive talk Diana explores the legacies of pioneers, visionaries, and revolutionaries -our personal procession of heroes and heroines – and helps us understand how to access more of what we want to dare to do differently. She shows us small steps to stretch out of our comfort zone and ultimately to make the difference that we want to see for ourselves and in leading others.

Diana’s gifts helped me take my speaking and leadership to a fuller level of expression. Her book and her work is so timely as courageous authenticity is needed more than ever.


Diana brought such energy, passion and wisdom to us…what an inspiration!

Montagu Private Equity

As a speaker Diana is Inspirational…Awesome…Magic!

PA Consulting Global Women’s Network

Incredibly empowering and inspiring keynote!



Dr Diana Theodores 3

Performing as you

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