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Dr Rick Goodman

Leadership and Engagement Expert

Dr. Rick Goodman is one of the most sought-after leadership and engagement experts today. His keynote presentations and workshops have produced transformational results leading to highly engaged employees, increased productivity and HIGHER PROFITS.

In addition to his 30-year speaking career, Dr. Rick is the author of three books: His first book titled “Living A Championship Life – A Game Plan For Success” combined his success philosophy with stories compiled during his tenure as one of the team physicians for the Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams.

His quest to solve our world’s newest challenge, communicating with our children in the age of social media and cell phones led to the book “Jamie’s Journey – Travels with My Dad” written by his then 16-year-old daughter. Dr. Rick’s latest book “The Solutions Oriented Leader – Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve World-Class Results” was #1 on Amazon Kindle when it was released.

Dr. Rick is also a successful entrepreneur who walks his talk and shares his winning philosophies with his audiences. He has built several extremely successful multimillion-dollar businesses and uses those experiences to provide solutions for his clients and audiences throughout the world.


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Creating a solutions oriented organisation in today's world

Just imagine for a moment… What if our thinking is backwards? Most leaders and organisations focus on the challenges they face and are constantly putting out fires. This often leads to blame, infighting and a lack of accountability. This keynote combines the lessons in Dr. Rick’s book “Living A Championship Life – A Game Plan for Success” with his latest book and Amazon bestseller “The Solutions Oriented Leader.” Your audience will discover how to redirect their focus forward – on possibilities, solutions and results. By developing a culture that is “Thinking in Solutions,” you will be able to retain your best employees, while also attracting world-class talent. Your ultimate outcome will be a culture that promotes creativity and innovation, increases employee engagement, and creates a happy and productive work environment.

The Game Plan - Three steps to building a solutions oriented team

Success doesn’t happen by itself; it requires a focused strategy. Every championship team, world-class organisation, and high achiever begins with a game plan. To turn your organisation into a championship team, it will require that you “Transform Your Thinking, Optimise Your Assets and Accelerate Your Connectivity” with your team and your clients. In this powerful presentation, your attendees will get an insider’s look at how championship teams are built based on Dr. Rick’s work with Super Bowl, Professional Soccer and NBA championship organisations. You’ll discover the three simple strategies that each organisation used to build their championship teams. Your attendees will walk away motivated, inspired and ready to implement the simple solutions to build your own championship team!

Solutions Oriented Healthcare - Healing Through Humanity

With almost three decades as a healthcare practitioner, Dr. Rick knows the unique challenges the healthcare profession faces. He also understands the life-altering difference it makes in those you serve. “Healing Through Humanity” is a customised program created specifically for your organisation. Here’s the challenge… For a patient, the experience can be intimidating, confusing and frightening. Ultimately all patients yearn for love, attention, and respect. This insightful presentation will show every caregiver – from the administration to the operations team, providers and even volunteers – how to view their work through the patient’s point of view. This program is designed to give you the steps to create extraordinary outcomes for patients, providers and healthcare organisations.

This program was absolutely fantastic… Everyone was engaged, the presentation was highly energetic
and on point with all the topics we discussed prior to the presentation. This reinforced the messages
we were looking to communicate to our sales team. It could not have been better!

Custom Building Projects

Your presentation was thought
provoking, energetic, interactive and left a lasting impression on all that attended.

American Cancer Society

Rick, I spoke to many attendees and
they were all delighted by your content,
presentation style, and for the humour you injected throughout. You exceeded my expectations and you will recall that I had very high expectations of you!

Cavium Inc

Your speech was inspirational and the additional reference material you provided was both fascinating and timely. Our only regret is that we didn’t have the opportunity for you to address the rest of our Inova family.



Rick Goodman 3

The Solutions Oriented Leader - Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve World-Class Results

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Rick Goodman 3

Living A Championship Life - A Game Plan For Success

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Rick Goodman 3

Jamie’s Journey - Travels with My Dad

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