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Eileen McDargh

Chief Energy Officer of The Resiliency Group and McDargh Communications

Since 1980, Eileen McDargh has helped organisations and individuals transform the life of their business and the business of their life through conversations that matter and connections that count.  She has become known as a master facilitator, an award-winning author, and an internationally recognised keynoter and executive coach.

She draws upon practical business know-how, life’s experiences and years of consulting to major national and international organisations that have ranged from global pharmaceuticals to the US Armed Forces, from health care associations to religious institutions. Her programs are content rich, interactive, provocative and playful—even downright hilarious.

To learn more about Eileen listen to her podcast here

In 2020, Global Gurus International, a British-based provider of resources for leadership, communication and sales training, also ranked her third as one of the World’s Top 30 Communication Professionals following a global survey of 22,000 business professionals.

Her latest book, Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge and Reclaim What Matters has been generating great response and interest.

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The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life: The Secret to Resiliency!

Make no mistake—everyone works—whether for free or fee!
 How can you work smart and live happier? Is it even possible to have work/life balance in this fast-paced, frantic world? From senior executives to front line employees, this issue is key to the changing nature of America's workforce and today's world.

We hear about the need to balance personal and work priorities, but how do you go from burned out to fired up? How can we juggle the many responsibilities and demands on our busy lives?

In this insightful and interactive program you will:

• Understand why traditional models of balance no longer work in these times of change.

• Discover how to conduct your own “CAT” scan of life.

• Acquire the skills to “sail” within the five critical areas of living.

• Create your own action plan for juggling the demands of your fast-paced life.

• Develop personal strategies for creating “a life by design, not be default”.

• Learn at least three methods for effective self-management and self-improvement that you can put to work immediately.

Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resiliency to Refuel, Recharge and Reclaim What Matters

In May 2019, the World Health Organisation declared burnout as a global occupational hazard with specific symptoms and warnings. Enter COVID 19 and an upside down world. Burnout has become even stronger and insidious. Remote workforces, physical distancing, and dependency on virtual communication provide their own potential for burnout. You’ll experience why Eileen has also been called a HOPE merchant, filling minds with positivity, laugh-ability and DO-ability.

In this interactive, provocative, and engaging program, participants will explore a process for moving from burnout to breakout to break through.

• Discover what are the personal and organisational triggers that create this condition.
• Learn specific steps to take control of life from both an individual and corporate perspective.
• Begin conversations that offer new ways to reframe and advance in a world that looks quite different.

Tap-dancing on Running Water: Living in Disruptive Times

Fear paralyses us. Clear thinking moves us. This session is designed to open a conversation about what we can do as individuals and professionals to move from pandemic panic to realistic response. During this 45-minute session, I will guide you through the accurate definition of resilience and begin to explore actions to take in cultivating four critical resilience skills: adaptability, agility, laugh-ability and alignment. And it all begins with YOU—what conversations you are having with yourself and what emotions rise as a result? In times like these, we also have the opportunity to be inspired, innovative, imaginative.

Creating a Resilient Workforce: The Care and Feeding of Remote Teams

Alone again—and not so naturally. With employees scattered in various locations—even within the same city— a leader’s job becomes a blend of psychologist and coach, teacher and student. Within the reality of both optimism and pessimism which we all deal with, this program helps managers focus on attributes: clarity, collaboration, creativity, comedy and compassion.

Note: this program–depending upon the number of participants—can also offer a forum for leaders to discuss critical issues and share best practices.

Eileen was our keynote speaker at our internal Marketing & Communications Development Day. She took the time to really understand what we were looking for and spent a lot of time preparing with our host/moderator to ensure that the virtual session not only inspirational but also enjoyable because of their established rapport. She was also adaptable (just like her message) and was kind enough to deliver two sessions so that we covered all of our time zones. Eileen has amazing energy, a great sense of humour and has a very relevant and inspirational message to share.


I did not want another day to go by without sending you my sincerest thanks for a job well done at our association's annual convention. As you know, the keynote speaker plays such an important role in a convention-setting the state for a positive experience for all in attendance. You were not only excellent to work with in advance but onsite you were prompt and easy to work with. The best part of all - YOU DELIVERED! Your message was on target, and our members are still raving about your presentation!

Minnesota Health & Housing Alliance

As a result of your work, the senior leadership team walked away as a cohesive unit, reenergised and more hopeful. We are committed to a new future which we now own. You helped us learn how to be resilient change masters.


As a meeting planner, I was so surprised and excited by your ability to become part of a very complex and highly demanding group. While you were speaking, I felt like you had known the audience for a long period of time because you connected with them so well!

Procter & Gamble


Eileen McDargh 1

Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters

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Eileen McDargh 1

Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truths for Life's Complexities

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Eileen McDargh 1

Your Resiliency GPS: A Guide for Growing through Life and Work

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