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Geoff Burch

International business expert, best-selling author, master storyteller and TV presenter

Geoff Burch is an international business expert, best-selling author, master storyteller and TV presenter. Geoff is the leading authority on sales, customers, leadership and change. His credentials are impressive, working extensively with the world’s major blue chip and FTSE 100 companies to motivate and inspire their people – his humorous and entertaining presentations enabling him to deliver powerful business principles, key messages and new ideas which are of use to everyone and can benefit all organisations of any size.

Recently voted ‘Business Communicator of the Year’ by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild, Geoff is considered to be one of Europe’s most exciting and motivational experts.

To learn more about Geoff, listen to his podcast here

As a regular contributor and presenter on television and radio, Geoff is also the star of the hit business show on BBC Television, All Over the Shop, which focuses on small businesses helping them to survive and thrive. His humorous style and easily explained advice works well and has created a strong following amongst the business community.

A prolific writer, Geoff Burch currently has many hugely popular business books published worldwide including, Resistance is Useless – the Art of Business Persuasion: Go It Alone – the Streetwise Secrets of Self-Employment: Writing on the Wall: The Way of the Dog: and his latest offering, Irresistible Persuasion.

Geoff also has a particular passion for small enterprise. A third-generation entrepreneur – his grandmother and mother ran a number of successful enterprises – Geoff loves to inspire small businesses using the skills he’s acquired from working with big business. These experiences were distilled into two of his best-selling books ‘Go It Alone’ and ‘Self-Made Me’ which are aimed at all those planning to succeed in their own businesses. Funny and mischievous, the books, like their author, pull no punches.

A master storyteller whose observations are highly entertaining but also carefully crafted to deliver important business messages, Geoff has worked extensively with a wide range of international companies to inspire, motivate and inform their people. A true maverick, he shares powerful business principles and key ideas relevant to organisations of all sizes and in every sector.

Geoff Burch will challenge the way you do business and offer real-world solutions that can be immediately implemented. He will inform, create ideas and tangible tools that will improve your team’s and your organisation’s performance with unforgettable stories that make you remember what really works.

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Nothing happens until somebody sells something, “production minus sales equals scrap”. The sales department used to be at the heart of every successful commercial enterprise and the sales conference the place where new ideas and new energy were injected for a new year of sales success. Now sales is dead, but Geoff says long live sales! He will show that persuasion is a key part of everyone’s life and by creating an entrepreneurial culture in an organisation, everyone can, and should, sell.


Finding and keeping customers is the only activity that generates revenue; everything else involves us in cost. Geoff’s customer-focussed talks are challenging and thought-provoking as he shows how to put the customer right into the heart of the business, inspiring and motivating the whole audience on how everyone is involved in creating a remarkable customer experience.


Geoff shows how we can lead others in a way that is motivating and encouraging. He explores how our team members will relish coming into work each day and yet still enjoy being challenged by ever more demanding goals.


We all fear change and yet it is the one thing we can’t avoid. Well Geoff says you can avoid it, after all “survival isn’t compulsory”! Geoff explores not only what change means to us but also what it means to others and how it can become a fun, positive experience.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your fantastic contribution to our Parts and Service Regional Seminars, and to say how much I enjoyed working with you this week. The feedback so far has been terrific and I am sure that there is lots more to come.


I just wanted to say thank you for your informative and inspiring talk you gave a the E.ON conference. I was in the audience and I was blown away with what you were saying and your ideas. I’ve always been an introverted person and struggled to connect with people but the examples you gave and what you said really made sense to me and the way I should think. 


Your presentation was truly outstanding. It combined excellent humour with good commonsense business and sales messages. I have never known such universal enthusiasm for a sales conference presenter before..


…Geoff was the highlight of the day – by far. Thanks so much to Geoff for his contribution and for the books…he is so clever and hilarious. The girls loved him, he couldn’t have chosen better references for our company situation and he ‘got’ our culture so quickly…

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Resistance is useless

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The Way of the Dog

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Irresistible Persuasion

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Writing on the wall

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Geoff Burch 1

Resistance is Useless: The Art of Business Persuasion

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Self Made Me: Why Being Self-Employed Beats Everyday Employment

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The Art and Science of Business Persuasion: Mastering the Power of Getting

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