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Gilan Gork

Gilan Gork


Gilan Gork and his team at The Influence Institute believe that everyone has ideas, products or services that deserve attention.

“We want to empower people with the ability to get the buy-in, agreement or support they need from others, so they can reach their highest success”, says Gilan.

Gilan creates unique learning experiences that help people unleash their influence. He teaches how to apply a working knowledge of influence and persuasion to real-life practical situations, to be able to lead, sell, negotiate, market and inspire on a new level.

As part of Gilan’s distinctive presentation style, he interactively demonstrates a remarkable ability to decode people’s thoughts and to influence them. He demonstrates how through psychology, non-verbal communication and presentation, you can increase your ability to positively and ethically increase your influence ability.

Gilan Gork has also been a highlight feature on numerous TV shows, attempting some mind-boggling stunts such as on South Africa’s biggest investigative journalism show, Carte Blanche, where he was challenged to drive around an obstacle-ridden racetrack in an Aston Martin after having been blindfolded by Derek Watts. (He was okay.)

A skilled marketer, sales trainer, and the author of Persuasion Games, Gilan Gork expounds the fundamentals of persuasive psychology: he explains how the use of mental shortcuts in messaging can maximise the impact of campaigns and encourage customers ‘to play with their mind’.  Gilan has frequently demonstrated the effect of these skills in his show The Mentalist Experience, appeared in a multitude of newspapers and magazines, and successfully read minds live as a recurrent guest on national and local radio stations.

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Implanting Influence

Five conversational techniques to increase the influence of your ideas. When you deliver a story, implanted with the right influence ingredients, you’ll allow the other person’s brain to simulate thoughts and emotions that compels them to follow your ideas. More than that, these techniques will help you to implant proof of transparency and credibility, followed by a persuasive call-to-action. In today’s fast-changing world the most successful businesses are the ones with employees who implant the right ideas, to inspire change, produce leaders, motivate peak performance and create loyalty. When you apply the techniques in this session you won’t miss out on transforming your influence, and the way you implant your ideas.

Breakthrough Influence in Hot Conversations

A HOT conversation is any situation where stakes are high, there’s a difference of opinion, and emotions become tense. If you can learn how to speak in a way that creates breakthrough influence, then you can create a highly connected work environment. You will be able to navigate sensitive or critical conversations, influence and lead more effectively, and ultimately accomplish the results you are after. Don’t miss out on the advantage that every HOT conversation presents: to conceive breakthrough influence and build a productive, connected culture.

The 6 Universal Principles of Influence

The 6 Universal Principles of Influence is rooted in academic research, while clients describe it as a highly motivating session due to the interactive and action-packed style. Each principle is instilled by sharing engaging scientific and psychological experiments, fascinating case studies. You will be equipped with a toolbox of practical skills and techniques that can be put to use in your very next meeting.

The Mentalist Experience

Looking for something different? Full of interactive humour, Gilan's show will have your guests enthralled, astounded and inspired by the time the mind-blowing finale ends it off. The Mentalist Experience is an intelligently entertaining experience in which Gilan demonstrates phenomenal abilities of influence, thought-decoding, psychological persuasion and even predicting audience's thoughts before they've realised they will think them! The Mentalist Experience is a world-class performance with extreme ‘wow factor’. It’s as thought-provoking as it is mind-blowing, and has been carefully designed for corporate events, suitable for every type of audience.

The Business of Body Language

What you say and what you convey are two different things. During this session, Gilan reveals and explains a range of practical body language strategies relevant to different facets of your business life, including leadership, management, sales and communication. This is a highly informative talk featuring plenty of audience participation throughout. What’s more, Gilan presents an intriguing mentalist feat that demonstrates ‘reading people like a book’ on extraordinary levels!

Everyone across the spectrum was completely drawn into your presentation, with key takeaways that are tangible and practical.

Standard Bank

The feedback we have received has surpassed all expectation. Many of our clients at the Spring Conference commented on the way you energised our conference and the impact of your performance


Just wanted to say a big thank you again for the show and learning event. It was a great success and everyone I've spoken to enjoyed it and have got takeaways for their business as well. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I meet, I honestly feel it's one of the best events I've attended.

Entrepreneur Organisation Nairobi

What I love about Gilan is that he is the real deal. He talks about influence and he is very, very influential – not in a manipulative way – in a very scientific way. He uses all that science and he influences us to be able to use it. He’s got really solid content. He’s got tools and information that you can use right away. He makes it easy for you to remember and internalise it.

Dreamteam Catalyst


Gilan Gork

Persuasion Games: Will you persuade or be persuaded? Learn the mind games of influence and how to win them

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