Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour High Definition Coaching Speaker
Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour

Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour

Professional Possibilist & Executive Coach

In this virtual, complex, fast paced, high stress world, leaders rarely have time to think let alone change. Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour creates a space to not only transform their behaviour but their mindset so they get the confidence, clarity and time they need to be an exceptional leader.

Voted one of the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs (2020) in the UK, her expert insights on human behaviour are regularly featured in Marie Claire. She is an executive coach, professional Possibilist, neuroscience nerd, and a catalyst for change.

A woman on a mission – she is determined to liberate that 3lbs of brain inside her clients head from overthinking and overwhelm, so they don’t just start seeing the possibilities, but start acting on them with curiosity, confidence and courage.

Her proven, science backed High Definition You Coaching Method is influenced by her time as a mixed race female leader in her 15 year banking career, where she ran a multi million pound P&L, weathered the Global Financial Crisis and led highly engaged teams.

As the Founder of leadership development company High Definition You, she’s spent almost a decade working with leaders and teams in companies such as Credit Suisse, AIG, HSBC and Allianz transforming the way they think, feel and behave.

Her coaching clients include CEOs, Partners and Executive Leaders from Banking, Insurance and Consultancy firms where she is known for her subtle balance of encouragement and “not on my watch” challenge that gets her clients the phenomenal transformation that not only benefits them, but their teams and the organisation.

Her research into human behaviour centres on the power we have to bring consciousness to our choices and the impact that has on communication, performance and leadership. Her clients deep dive into their habits, mindset and the implications leaving with practical, actionable techniques to inspire, motivate and engage themselves and their teams to the next level.

Gitanjali trained and qualified with the AOEC (Academy of Executive Coaching UK), is certified in the psychometric tool – Whole Brain TM and holds certifications in Neuroscience accredited with the British Psychological Society.

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The Sandwich Generation

In a world where we are all feeling pulled in different directions, there exists a substantial group who are facing a very specific challenge - more than 20million are employees in the US alone.

The reality of the emotional and often financial challenges that this generation face are stark and born from the fact that they are simultaneously raising young children AND caring for ageing parents.

Drawing on her own personal and leadership experience, as well as her research into the science of curiosity and courage, Gitanjali shares sometimes confronting insights with simple strategies that individuals and organisations can apply as this often invisible generation strives to achieve a balance for themselves, their families and their organisations.

Harnessing your magnificent brain

Which thinking roadblocks are in your way?

Diversity of thinking is key to the success of High Performing teams. Whether setting goals, communicating with others, making decisions or problem solving, our thinking preferences influence everything. Only by understanding the influence your thinking preferences have and then learning how to adapt your thinking to be more effective can you act to overcome your unconscious biases. In this enlightening talk Gitanjali explores the different quadrants of the Whole Brain (TM) thinking model and how High Performing individuals, teams and organisations can apply them to increase engagement and performance. Delivered with her trademark passion for elevating the human experience at work, it will amplify not only your self awareness but your influence and connection with others in your professional (and personal!) life.

Confidence and Visibility in a virtual world

Whether you're thriving or surviving in your career right now, if you're invisible there's no way forward. Be seen. Be heard. Be rewarded. Armed with the latest insights from neuroscience, Gitanjali will share two of her 8 Principles of Performance with stories, strategies and tactical advice that can be applied immediately. This enlightening talk will empower you to step outside your comfort zone, to take back control and to contribute with greater clarity, confidence and impact.

Being more curious than afraid

Forget being an Optimist, a Pessimist or a nebulous Realist. The secret to creating a successful career and life lies in being a Possibilist. The key to being a Possibilist, to making the impossible possible, in any arena of work and life, begins with curiosity. In this engaging and interactive talk, Gitanjali shares the powerful steps to creating The Curiosity Mindset (TM) with her trademark combination of intelligence, humour and heart to empower you to act with greater influence and impact in your very next conversation.

The Science of Motivation – 10 brain hacks to stay motivated

Forget ‘Positivity’: Lead change with ‘Possibility’

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Gitanjali transformed our leadership team. We wanted to learn about our team dynamics, about how to become a high performing team. The scientific exploration of individual personalities built a clear picture of our synergies and potential frustrations as a leadership team. Turning that awareness into action has helped us to grow into a really close, happy and productive team. This has been reflected in great business performance, as well as a great working environment.

Asset Management

I didn’t expect that so much could be changed!
I am a better leader and halfway through our work together I started coaching my team!
I have greater clarity of thought, using the knowledge of the way that my brain works to my advantage when making decisions. I have an incredibly busy life. I have a busy job. I am a busy person. I am probably not less busy now, but I feel I have more time! And if someone told me this before, for me it would have been YES, I’ll take it!

Finance Industry

I left full of confidence, Gitanjali has talent to deliver in a purposeful and value add manner.

Credit Suisse

She was engaging, inspiring and entertaining. Participants took something very special away from Gita’s session.


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