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Graham Jolley

Graham Jolley

An engaging mind-reader, psychologist, entertainer, cabaret artiste and conference speaker

Graham Jolley is one of the UK’s most talented and versatile magical performers, entertaining audiences with his unique style and amazing mind reading capabilities. Having performed at a huge number of corporate events, private dinners, conferences and on national television, his most recent being The One Show, Graham’s act adapts perfectly to any environment.

A psychological entertainer, Graham is able to perform any number of astonishing feats, baffling and thrilling his audience in equal measure. His work has seen him perform for a large number of international organisations, as well as appearing on the high profile ITV series ‘Penn and Teller Fool Us’, among many others, and successfully baffling both the audience and the judges.

To learn more about Graham, listen to his podcast here

Graham’s versatility has seen him perform in a wide array of settings, with both small and, in the case of his television work, national audiences. At corporate performances, the audience is frequently dazzled by the shows he produces and for him the art of illusion and psychological performance have been a life-long obsession.

With a career spanning more than thirty years, Graham’s dedication to the art of performance is truly impressive. His unique style has been continually honed and he has worked with both famous faces and high profile business executives. His particular brand of wit completes his act and his audiences find themselves enthralled, amused and thoroughly bewildered.

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Mind Reader



Thank you for performing at our BMW Group Financial Services Dinner. I can honestly say that the audience were completely mesmerised and baffled by your performance. Our guests were in awe of your show.

BMW Group Financial Services

I have to say your appearance was one of the best performances we have experienced at our Events. You are clearly a Magical being from another Universe. You had us alternatively in stitches and awe! Sometimes at the same time. You are truly awesome. It was a pleasure working with you Graham.

Meteor Group

Amazing! How does he do it? Graham Jolley was again his brilliant entertaining self at our recent event in London. Graham easily keeps the attention of a large crowd with his quick wit and unique approach to his act. The act was superb and had many of the attendees 'Googling' his name afterwards to find out more! We have booked Graham in the past, and no doubt will want him again in the future.

TSB Network

The fact that this was the third occasion on which you have performed at our corporate events is a measure of our appreciation…

Guinness Plc

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