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Greg Thain

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Greg Thain is a serial entrepreneur and investor in companies around the world. His investments and companies have been on the forefront of the digital revolution and emerging markets. In 1985, he sold the assets of Published Holdings to keep the subscription data and start International Communication and Data PLC. The company lead the digital revolution through “Big Data” projects, including a census questionnaire 7 million individuals. Greg later founded the International Marketing and Sales Group, which was publicly listed on the London and Sweden Stock Exchanges, and by 2007 the company had sales in excess of $250 million and the had grown to the size of 6,000 employees.

As a Partner of TWND Capital and Chairman of Storewars, Greg has further established himself as a leading actor and visionary in all sectors impacted by emerging technologies. In these positions, he has shaped the future by investing in blockchain, simulation software, and renewable technology.

Greg Thain has previously provided insight into the mega-trends affecting global business and life. At the 2013 HP Conference in Macau, he discussed the future of retail in Asian markets. He also sat on a panel talking about business at the World Economic Forum.

He also held the position of Adjunct Professor at the International University of Monaco and as the Deputy Chairman of the charity Sense.

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FinTech & Emerging Technology

The future of banking is changing as cryptocurrencies and blockchain enter into the financial sector. Businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors need to be aware of and understand in order to succeed and grow. Emerging technology focused on decentralisation of services poses a unique opportunity. Greg has lead the way on investing in the applications of these technologies across various sectors.

Business Leadership

Greg’s experience ranges from Chairman of Knight Frank Russia, Storewars and EDL to an advisory role at DateCoin and Baanx. His leadership on million dollar fundraising schemes, acquisitions, and company growth has given him insight into what makes a successful businessman.

Moving Across Sectors

There are unique and universal forces that any
entrepreneur or investor will have to contend with across various sectors. From retail to real-estate to blockchain, Greg can speak to how he has been able to succeed in different sectors and markets.

Future of Business

Change is always happening. As you may have heard, its accelerating at a rapid pace as factors like blockchain and machine learning enter into various markets. These changes will impact how business is done and how it impacts other aspects of our lives. Greg can bring insight based on his background with emerging technologies and how to capitalise on risk and opportunities surrounding change.

Global Market Entry

Whether its Asia, the Middle East, Russia or the Commonwealth of Independent States, Greg has been an active investor or business leader in these markets. He can speak about navigating new markets and make sure your ventures succeed.

Greg was the main Speaker at the Avrio Advocati Bi annual conference in Brighton in May 2018. He spoke in an animated and engaging manner to an audience of lawyers from around the World. The talk was well received as it addressed issues concerning future economic and social forces that would impact not just upon professional practice but also on individuals own circumstances. It was the combination of an appeal to the personal and the professional that gave the talk its impact. Greg’s knowledge and experience were obvious. In the social setting around the formal conference the talk of the delegates was all about their views on Greg’s talk. His words and the back-up stats and slides are excellent ways to generate debate and discussion in a conference environment.

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