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Leadership Development and Team Building

Instant Teamwork sometimes describes their work as high-impact team events for intelligent sceptics. Why? Because who REALLY wants to step out of their comfort zone? No one. It’s counter-intuitive. So we make it attractive from the start. No solos! Their group warm-ups are facilitated with easy humour which builds trust in the first few minutes.

Instant Teamwork does what it says on the tin. While recognising people’s doubts and fears they bypass the ‘inner critical mind’ and simply get on with it. Banging drums as loud as they can, singing call-and-response chants like a football crowd, once a group has let off a bit of steam they are ready to learn.

Teams bond by taking risks together, supporting each other, and genuinely applauding each other at the end. Breaking through limiting beliefs like “I’m not creative” could take a month of personal coaching, but it can take them just an hour when done together as a team. Imagine that!

To learn more about the Founder of Instant Teamwork, Tom Morley, read his profile here

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Team Drumming

ome of the benefits of group drumming are that it stimulates team performance by tapping into people’s core energies, sharpening listening, focus, concentration and risk-taking. In practice, delegates see an array of drums and percussion instruments when they walk into the room. Depending on group size, the team may be divided to learn different drum rhythms, before combining them as a whole. The result is a powerful sound that gives participants a real sense of achievement and crucially leaves them with the knowledge that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Team Singing

We have a choice of activities in this category, the most popular of which is African Harmony Singing. Outcomes of this exercise include improving confidence in giving presentations, enhancing listening skills and the experience of achieving a common goal through collaboration. Many people believe they can’t sing, so when they discover they can they are both surprised and delighted. On a deeper level they’ve just broken through a limiting belief they may have held for years. A truly memorable experience.

Leadership Development

Leadership has always been the key to gaining the edge in any market – and is especially true now. Leading for change, leading for resilience and leading for engagement requires leaders who are confident and secure in themselves, who know how to motivate – even reassure their teams, and how to communicate powerfully and effectively. Developing leaders is the most valuable investment a company can make.

Africa Remix

One of our most varied team activities is Africa Remix, which consistently delivers powerful benefits. These include a willingness to take risks, something that is increasingly important for many businesses; a better understanding of the benefits of group participation; and the celebration of team spirit. During the event, delegates are able to get a real taste of pan African culture by rotating between workshops of drumming, dance, group harmony singing and mask-making, after which the drummers, singers and dancers are orchestrated in a final performance worthy of a Broadway show.


Our team sessions provide a memorable and fun way to experience sharing knowledge at all levels. The aims of this session include creating a common language, building lasting bonds, and developing and owning strategy. The delegates gradually create the story of their own journey. Sometimes within a mythic structure, the story tells of past challenges, present battles and their future vision and hoped-activities, exercises and for achievements. What often emerges is an imaginative and hilarious performance based on the team’s actual experiences.

Instant Teamwork’s creative approach has proved to kick start learning programmes, in a way that engages and focuses the attention right from the get-go. They are also masters at flexing their contribution around the overall learning journey of the participants. We at ELP have been using them for several years now and the evaluation forms reflect the success of this collaboration.

Executive Learning Partnership

They were such a hit when we introduced them to our annual training event with KPMG that their session quickly became integral to the value we added. They have the gift of aligning seamlessly with whatever we design – unique…


We asked ITW to apply their ‘golden touch’ to our Comms day – having already experienced their skill at bringing disparate people together and helping create relationships and break down silos. This was a really enjoyable way to be pushed outside one’s comfort zone. I also felt the event was a real energiser, my ‘saw’ is definitely sharper today.


People loved the drumming so much last year that we were racking our brains to find something to match it this year. My team were really proud of how well we performed and we enjoyed every minute of it! I have reminded my team since that we often believe we can’t do things until we give it a go and then we surprise ourselves by how good we are.


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