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James Bellini

Futurist: Historian of the Future. First British member of US futurology think-tank The Hudson Institute

James Bellini describes himself as ‘an historian of the future’ with a close interest in key trends and strategic challenges facing current and future business up to Horizon 2025 and beyond. He is a regular choice as a keynote speaker and moderator at high-level conferences around the world. He has published a number of books and special reports on the world of tomorrow.

James was the first British staff member of the US-headquartered futurology ‘think tank’ the Hudson Institute, taking a senior role at the Institute’s European division based in Paris. He also has more than twenty-five years experience as an award-winning TV broadcaster, presenting The Money Programme for BBC TV for three years before moving to Newsnight and Panorama and then to ITV. He was subsequently Editor and studio presenter at Financial Times Television and Sky News for seven years, heading up their financial and business coverage.

James has a Masters in law and history from Cambridge and a PhD from the London School of Economics. In 2007 he was elected Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation, founded by Nobel Laureate Glenn Theodore Seaborg. He is a Member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and a Director of The Talent Foundation.

As a futurist James focuses on such issues as: scenarios for the 2020s; the emerging new balance of world economic power; the impact on business strategy of new technologies and the wireless, connected world; Digital Behaviour; new business ‘eco-systems’ — the shape, style and psychological characteristics of tomorrow’s company; work and workplace in the future digital world; impact of the global demographic revolution; generational shift and tomorrow’s people; building the post-carbon economy and the business challenge of sustainability; the future of business leadership …

With his strong broadcasting background, James Bellini also acts as moderator at major conferences and awards ceremonies around the world. Recent moderating engagements include the British-American Business Council Forum in San Francisco, The New Energy Economy in London, The World Trade Summit in Hamburg, the World PR Congress 2012 in Dubai and the Technoport Climate Change Summit 2012 in Trondheim, Norway.

James recently qualified at Henley Business School as a professional executive coach.

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Tomorrow’s World and the challenges facing the professions

Over recent years technological evolution has largely affected business sectors such as industry, retail, IT and pharmaceuticals. But now the transformational challenge confronts the professions – law, accountancy, management consultancy and other knowledge-based specialisms. How can they harness the new world of Legaltech, Fintech, Insurtech, Blockchain and other innovations to stay ahead of the game?

Disruptive technologies and the shape of tomorrow’s world

The next five to ten years will see more disruptive innovation than in the whole of the 20th century. What will be their impact on business and everyday life?

Smart living in the future hyper-connected world

In our digital future everything is becoming a sensor … everything will be connected to everything else. The Internet of Things will become the Internet of Everything. It is fast becoming possible to develop smart homes, neighbourhoods, cities even entire nations and geographical regions. What are the possibilities that lie ahead in this ‘smart future’ – and what are the challenges we need to address?

Big Data: the ‘oil’ of the 21st Century?

Just as petroleum shaped the everyday infrastructure of daily life in the 20th century as the combustion engine brought unprecedented mobility for many millions, so tomorrow’s sensor-driven connectivity will generate vast and ever-expanding stores of data. Analysing this increasingly infinite resource will drive predictive and prescriptive capabilities that will revolutionise marketing and other business-building tools in every sector and profession.

Generational Shift ... Millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha

The future’ is literally about understanding the cultural and other attributes of tomorrow’s people. How will they view the world of work and management? What motivates them in the economic arena? What expectations and values do they have? What kind of future world do they want to inhabit?

Future of work, the workplace and talent development in the Digital Age

In this fast-changing environment the notion of work and of the workplace itself is being transformed. Jobs and skill unheard of in today’s marketplace will appear; traditional ones will disappear. What future agenda for the world of work? The idea of talent will need to be re-defined and new business cultures encouraged.; ‘management’ concepts will need radical overhaul.

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