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James Kerr

Business Consultant & Bestselling Author of "Legacy" 

James Kerr is a bestselling author, speaker and business consultant specialising in defining, designing and delivering change for leaders of world-class teams and organisations. His book, Legacy, reveals 15 leadership lessons from the All Blacks, the world’s most successful sporting team, and his corporate clients include HSBC, Boeing, Raffles, UBS and Shell. In the sporting arena he has also worked with UEFA, Team Origin, the RFU, Adidas and the Australian Kangaroos. His key message is that “higher purpose leads to higher performance” and that successful change begins with a values-based, vision-led, purpose driven mindset – and ends without it.

The secrets of Legacy are now available to leaders in all fields through a series of keynote speeches, workshops, engagement programmes and leadership coaching modules. James works with leaders to define, design and deliver life-changing coaching and change programmes, and inspiring workshops and keynote speeches. His brand storytelling agency, Chalk Projects, specialises in bringing strategy to life for some of the world’s most respected businesses, teams and leaders.

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James has addressed some of the world’s leading organisations – including HSBC, Post Office, Adidas, Redstone, Lawyers Worldwide, Warners, and Boeing – in conferences and private events on a variety of subjects. His speeches are noted for their ability to address real-world commercial issues via the principles of some of the world’s most successful sports, military, aviation and business teams. Informative, engaging and inspiring

About Legacy
In Legacy, James Kerr goes deep into the heart of the world’s most successful sporting team, the legendary All Blacks of New Zealand, to reveal 15 powerful and practical lessons for leadership and business. Legacy is a unique, inspiring handbook for leaders in all fields, and asks: What are the secrets of success – sustained success? How do you achieve world-class standards, day after day, week after week, year after year? How do you handle the pressure? How do you train to win at the highest level? What do you leave behind you after you’re gone? What will be your legacy?

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Leaders Create Leaders - A new model for leadership

In 2004, the All Blacks were in trouble - morale was low, key players threatening to leave, and worst, they were losing. Central to the revitalisation of the team - which culminated in the most successful period in the history of this, the world's most successful team - was a focus on developing leadership among the players. 'If you can create character off the field, they say, your people will display character when it matters, and make good decisions under pressure.' This speech looks at how leaders create leaders, melding the lessons of the All Blacks, the US Army, US Men's basketball, the Norwegian Prison Service and a London-based five-a-side football tournament designed to 'turn gangs into teams' to look at a new and more effective model of leadership- what the military call Mission Command.

Setting the Standard - First principles; how successful leaders set the standard

Great leaders and teams set their standards first - knowing that, if they do so, 'the score will take care of itself'. By comparing the examples of the All Blacks of New Zealand, the San Francisco 49ers, Special Forces, the Red Arrows, the Proteas, the UCLA Bruins, the Chicago Bulls, Apple, GE and Virgin, Kerr provides insight, information and inspiration for leaders, whatever the size and type of team. This includes the processes by which leaders can use standard setting to create a sense of inclusion and 'ownership', and also how leaders can enable their teams to 'endorse and enforce' behavioral norms from the 'inside out'. 'The higher the standards, the greater the results'.

How to create a high performance culture

High performing teams think, feel and act differently – the challenge is to create a culture of perpetual personal and professional growth and, as time goes on, continually reinvent the conditions that enable this. James shares his evidence-based methodology that creates the conditions needed in teams for a high performance culture.

Go for the Gap - Making innovation an everyday event

Rugby is played with an odd shaped ball; you can never know which way it will bounce. In this sense it resembles the modern business environment - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Those who survive and thrive must learn to make adaptation - practical innovation - central to their process. In fact, innovation is not something that only happens in some special department, but something that is ingrained within the culture of the organisation. It takes place at every level. In the All Blacks this is called 'Go For The Gap'. It's about finding small but significant ways to create competitive advantage - not some huge leap forward, but a series of incremental steps that keep them ahead of the pack, ahead of the game, inventing the future, day by day, every day.

Inside Out - How soft values deliver hard results

This keynote examines the common success principles of teams and organisations as diverse as the All Blacks, Apple, the South African Cricket team, The US Marine Corps, Boeing, Costa Coffee, Virgin, Leo Burnett and Wal-Mart. It shows how 'the soft stuff - values and purpose - delivers the hard stuff - sustained competitive and commercial advantage. Exceptional results demand exceptional circumstances, say the All Blacks. This keynote is about how the best in the world create those circumstances.

You Never Learn Less - Creating a world-class learning environment

Fundamental to the All Blacks' ongoing success is the creation of an active learning environment in which self-development leads to better results. As they say in the team, 'if you're not growing anywhere, you're not going anywhere'. This keynote addresses what leaders can learn from the All Blacks about personal and professional development, incremental improvement, empowerment and leadership - which are all the hallmark of the world's leading teams, whether sporting, military or business.

Totally awesome today. The feedback from the Googler's has been off the Richter scale. Kevin's chuffed. Ronan (new CEO) got 50 of your books delivered to his office to dish out to his leadership team…. Touchdown!


James is a great speaker, who I would definitely recommend to others. His messages were so aligned with where we have come from as a business and really resonated across the business. James spoke for over an hour but it felt a lot shorter as time went so quickly, people were writing notes and he held everyone’s attention even though many people were from non-rugby nations. Thanks very much.


94% felt the meeting… inspired them to act as a transformative leader. James was really able to translate the All Blacks ethos and approach into something very relevant, not just for business generally, but for Roche in particular. His presentation was inspiring and also raised some questions to think about.”


It is the second time I have seen James and the messages that he is able to convey using the examples from the All Blacks are extremely powerful and transferrable into the business environment. The session went down very well with the team.

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