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Augmenting Human Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

James Taylor M.B.A. F.R.S.A. – who started his career managing high profile rock stars – is now an in-demand keynote speaker and internationally recognised leader in business creativity and innovation. For over 20 years, he has been advising CEO’s, entrepreneurs, educators, governments and leaders from Silicon Valley to Singapore on how to build innovative organisations, unlock creative potential, and increase productivity.

As the host of multiple global summits he has personally interviewed over 750 of the world’s leading creative minds including Silicon Valley tech CEO’s, New York Times bestselling authors, and artificial intelligence pioneers. Hundreds of thousands of people in over 120 countries have learned about creativity and innovation through his online courses, videos, media interviews and keynote speeches.

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His clients have included Fortune Global 500 companies, government policy makers, industry associations, and he was recently the subject of a 30 minute BBC documentary about his life and work. He was awarded the S.D. Southern Prize from Canadian energy services company ATCO, the Award for Excellent from Geneva Group International and named ‘ONTRApreneur of the Year’ from U.S. business and marketing automation leaders ONTRAPORT.

James is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (F.R.S.A.) whose Fellows have included global innovators and leaders including President Benjamin Franklin, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Bob Dylan, Adam Smith, Nelson Mandela and Professor Stephen Hawking.

Business is changing at the speed of light. Exponential technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics are creating new disruptive business models almost overnight. In this age of disruption there is ONE distinctively human competitive advantage that you and your team must leverage…. your Creativity.

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Supercreativity™: Augmenting Human Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Business is changing at the speed of light. Today exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating new disruptive business models almost overnight. In this new world, one where McKinsey & Co predict that 45 percent of jobs will be automated in the next 20 years, there is one distinctly human competitive advantage you and your people must leverage – your creativity. In this tailored, entertaining and highly visual one-of-a-kind keynote, James Taylor takes the audience on a journey to discover the backstage secrets of the world’s most creative individuals and innovative organisations. Your audience will learn:

• What disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence mean for you, your team and your industry.
• Which job roles in your industry are most at risk from automation.
• Why China’s richest man believes ‘creativity’ is the most important skill you need to develop to survive and thrive in the age of disruption.
• The simple five step process for developing your creative thinking skills.
• How to lead innovative teams and foster a creative culture to increase innovation ROI.
• How to use ‘SuperCreativity’ to generate, evaluate, develop and implement more ideas, more quickly.

Available virtually or in person

SUPERPRODUCTIVITY™: Accelerating Growth During The Great Reset

As we recover from a global pandemic, too many countries and companies remain locked in a cycle of low or flat productivity growth. The old methods for increasing productivity just don’t work in our hyper-connected world.

In SuperProductivity™, award-winning creativity and innovation keynote speaker James Taylor shares how any organisation can improve productivity by 20-25% through maximising collaboration. Only when our people are aligned and connected around a shared vision and mission can they achieve higher levels of productivity and unlock their full creative potential. In SuperProductivity™ James shows how to:

• Boost your productivity by 10% while 6x employee engagement levels
• Build a more innovative, productive and creative organisational culture
• Discover why your top talent is up to eight times more productive than average employees.
• Develop new skills and mindsets to adapt to change, overcome challenges, lead effectively, and build trust amongst your team and stakeholders.

Available virtually or in person

Unlock Your Creative Potential

James Taylor’s immersive in-person or virtual workshops will help your team unlock creative potential, accelerate innovation, increase productivity and adapt to change. If your people these challenges then James is perfect for your next corporate workshop:

• My team doesn’t collaborate well
• Our people need to be better creative problem-solvers
• We have good ideas but can’t make them happen
• Our business needs new ideas to grow sales
• We need to identify new opportunities

Workshop Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the five step process for developing your creativity
• Discover techniques for generating and developing innovative ideas
• Learn creative thinking skills to better evaluate new ideas
• Lead your team to unlock their creative potential
• Build a more innovative and creative culture at work

Centaur Marketing: Augmenting Human Marketers In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

Discover the backstage secrets of how the world's most innovative companies are combining human creativity with artificial intelligence and automation to shorten the sales cycle, understand customers and build brand loyalty. In this content-rich session, James Taylor will share the stories, strategies and tactics which have helped global brands, marketers and sales teams use conversational marketing to generate tens of millions of dollars in online and offline sales.

Building A Creative Company Culture - What We Can Learn From The World's Most Innovative Places

What can today's organisations learn from the world's most creative places? James Taylor takes the audience on a journey to discover why creative genius and innovation flourished in certain cities and what companies can learn from the world's most innovative places and creative cultures.

Virtual EMCEE or Host

The experienced choice for:
Virtual Conferences and Summits
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Creative, thought-provoking, inspirational and well presented.

Standard Life Plc

I was most impressed by his ability to keep me engaged throughout the whole session. Clear, concise and no BS, but pure extremely useful content.

Reuters Asia

I have no hesitation in recommending James. Confident, fun, worldy-wise, and always focused on delivery. You’ll enjoy working with him


James shared actionable insights on how businesses and speakers can bring their business to the next level with technologies that can leapfrog the competition. It was inspirational and prompted you to look at your own business in a fresh innovative perspective. Awesome speaker!

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