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Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless

The creator of Taming Tigers

Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and a pioneer in the fields of change and performance shift. He has inspired and empowered over half a million people on five continents.  He was voted #6 Worldwide in the Global Guru’s list of Top Motivational Speakers for 2020.

Jim’s message is that change involves risk and uncertainty. The human’s evolutionary Fear Algorithm is designed to keep us away from risk and uncertainty.

The Fear Algorithm:

  • has an operating speed 20x faster than that of our conscious goal-planning brain,
  • has a hotline connected to our bodies’ hormone system,
  • is populated with data to help us survive in the old, industrial workplace.

It is essential to understand and manage our innate Fear Algorithm and challenge the old data.  Otherwise, we will “resist“ and “fear” making the changes that we wish to create.

To learn more about Jim, listen to his podcast here

Author of the bestselling ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House), Jim has taught the skill of change in Global and Fortune 500 companies, Olympic and Paralympic teams, business schools and government for two decades.

A strong believer in walking his talk, Jim Lawless tested his approach to bold, fast change by becoming a televised jockey in just 12 months. At the outset he was 36, unfit, overweight, couldn’t take time off work and couldn’t even ride.

To test his ideas on managing the neuroscience and physiology of fear (and fundraise), he took the British free-diving record in just 8 months. He is now the first Briton to dive deeper than 100m on a single breath of air.

Jim started his career as a City solicitor. After a decade of lawyering with the name “Lawless” he had perfected the trademark wit and humour he brings to the stage.

Over the past two decades, Jim Lawless has evolved to be one of the most in-demand motivational speakers in the world delivering over 100 major conference keynotes each year. What differentiates him, besides having proven his highly effective methodology personally, is his immense personal 1-1 connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes. He brings passion, energy, interactivity and amusing elements to the stage creating an engagement that transforms mindsets with ease.

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Bold Change: Fast

The Art of Possible

Creating & Leading the High Performance, Change-Ready Team

Becoming the Disruptor in the Age of Disruption

A Mindset to Ignite Change

The fact that Jim records the presentation and provides access to it on his app is ingenious and hugely helpful in terms of allowing us to engage with a wider audience. Most importantly was how Jim used humour throughout to captivate the audience and resonate with all. Thank you Jim.

Tesco UK

Working with Jim proved to be challenging and a turning point for our Exec team. It allowed us to step back and examine how we were operating as a team and create a team agreement around how we would step up together


We at Apple pride ourselves in thinking differently, that is why we work in partnership with Jim. Our big conference pitches and our key sales presentations have both been inspired by the Lawless touch

Apple Europe

It exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I wanted to let you know that the unsolicited feedback from participants has been resoundingly positive. A standing ovation is not given lightly by our European Leadership Team - a true testament to the value you brought to our conference and I'm confident that we are ready as a team to both tame and unleash our inner tigers.



Jim Lawless

Taming Tigers

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