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Joe DiVanna

Innovator to the Financial Services Industry

Described by The Economist as a “polymath”, Joe DiVanna is the Managing Director of Maris Strategies Limited, an innovation think-tank providing research and advisory services to the financial services industry, global businesses and governments. He is a results-driven entrepreneur, management consultant, author and international speaker.

As a management and strategy specialist for over 30 years, Joe has helped organisations to rethink financial services and to develop strategies for product development and services creation. His specific interest is banking and finance, with a special focus on value management, achieving top-line growth, bringing banking to the bottom half of the economic pyramid, ethical banking, and banking in emerging markets, especially Islamic Banking, African Banking and Chinese Banking.

Joe is also the co-founder of The Banker Magazine’s annual Top 500 Islamic Banks supplement, and a published author of many journals and industry magazines. He features in conferences and executive education programmes around the world.

Joe’s research is used by banks, financial services providers, central banks, government agencies, universities and technology organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He has provided consulting and advisory services to banks and financial services providers worldwide, including Barclays, HSBC, Citibank, Visa, MasterCard, First National Bank of South Africa, ABSA, African Banking Corporation, Minsheng Bank, Bank of China, Shanghai-Pudong Bank, Everbright Bank, as well as several Middle East financial organisations.

With over 30 years’ experience, Joe encourages his clients and audiences to use their knowledge of the context in which they operate and the international exposure they aim for to devise relevant solutions that are both locally astute and globally relevant.

Joe’s insight on twenty-first-century business centres on the premise that in order to be competitive, all businesses must have a strong value proposition that is memorable, credible, demonstrable, measurable and actionable.

Joe DiVanna’s sharp and thought-provoking insight is shared globally with the banking industry, technology companies, governments, educational centres, professional service firms, manufacturing companies and many other businesses.

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Joe works with global organisations to establish tangible mechanisms for implementing strategic initiatives and solving the tactical and operational challenges they encounter in a highly competitive market environment.


Joe has a unique ability to empower senior management to make sound decisions and inspire others to perform well, to set and achieve challenging goals, take swift and decisive action and to outperform their competitors.

Innovation and Invention in Banking and Finance

Joe’s approach to innovation challenges organisations to be market leaders within their industry, advocating creative thinking, risk taking and diversity.

Competitive Strategies for Banks

Joe’s renowned ‘How to run a Bank’ simulation provides the ideal environment for senior management to role play the unique and complex components required for running a successful bank in the 21st century. From the strategic positioning of a firm to the development of competitive strategies, making the most of outsourcing, partnerships, and channel management.

Money Makes the World go Round, but who is Minding the Digital Mint?

The intrinsic significance of money is relative to society’s perception of what is valuable. This lecture takes an informative but light hearted look at the nature of money, how society values money and how with today’s technology anyone can mint their own currency.

Marketing Strategy for Banks

Never before have banks had to know more about their customers to deliver value-added services and facilitate their lifestyles. Joe looks at the global trends that are reshaping the banking industry. His horizon scan spans 12 countries and 3 decades to give us a glimpse of what is to come during the next 5 years as banking reinvents its relationship with customers.

Excellent insights with both theoretical and practical examples. Brilliant presenter.

Standard Bank

Thought-provoking and inspiring.

Arabian Society for Human Resource Management 

Joe was simply fabulous – his presentation was absolutely first-rate, and was extremely well-received by the delegates. Joe was extremely flexible, friendly and easy to work with.

Middle East Financial Technology Conference

Joe DiVanna's sweeping review of technology and business contributes both historical perspective and strategic context. In particular, he is absolutely on message when he talks of the growing importance of relationships in business processes, an omission that is too often made.

British Airways


The Future of Retail Banking

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The Merchants of Fear: Why they want us to be afraid

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Understanding Islamic Banking

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A New Financial Dawn: The Rise of Islamic Finance

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Thinking Beyond Technology

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People – The New Asset on the Balance Sheet

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Strategic Thinking in Tactical Times

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Weathering the Financial Storm

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Redefining Financial Services

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