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John Ryan

Stores Editor of Retail Week and a Journalist covering Retail Design, Strategy & Marketing

John Ryan is a journalist covering retail design, strategy and marketing for a wide variety of magazines and newspapers.

As Stores Editor of Retail Week, online editor of retail design magazine and European editor of VMSD, among others, he has written about the sector for almost two decades.

As well as occasional appearances on the TV and radio, he is a frequent speaker on conference platforms around the world, from Shanghai to San Francisco and back to London.


John Ryan is also a consultant on store interiors, retail strategies and shopper profiling with clients ranging from Screwfix to Marks & Spencer, John Lewis to Tottenham Hotspur and L’Oreal as well as Swedish store equipment manufacturer Itab.

In a previous life he was a retail buyer for C&A, a role he fulfilled for 13 years, working in London and Dusseldorf prior to working as buying director at department store group Bentalls.

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What place will tech have to play in retail and leisure as we move towards the second decade of the 21st century? Touchscreens are falling out of favour, but what does this mean for consumers and does it all mean that the onus is going to fall on the mobile phone? What will innovation and technology mean over the next five years?


Much has been made of the ‘experience economy’, but does it really exist? A faster checkout, a shinier floor, a higher resolution screen and better sound in a cinema, all are certainly improvements, but do they constitute an experience? 30 minutes, or thereabouts on one of the great marketing scams of our time.

Faster and Easier

These are the two watchwords of the moment. Do both and all will be well, but how does this sit with the demand for, for instance, ‘slow food’ and supermarkets that look like markets? Can these contradictory impulses be reconciled and if so, what shape will they take? Will 'conveniently slow' be the new must have?

The Future of Shopping

The future of shopping is a look at where shopping is headed and what it means for retailers, leisure and entertainment operators. All may appear to be heading online, but there’s life in the high street yet.

I had the pleasure to listen to John Ryan @newsstores - innovative and funny speaker

Geographer, Germany

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