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Jon Barnes

Thinker and Tinkerer

Jon Barnes is a thinker and tinkerer provoking people and organisations to explore big questions like ‘how do we live and organise ourselves in the 21st century?’

He is author of “Democracy Squared: a digital revolution that’s about to democratise democracy” and an Executive Board Member a world leading blockchain enabled direct democracy movement, MiVote.  Jon is a co-founder of an indie org consultancy, helping organisations to be run by their people.  The work they’re doing has helped founders to re-connect, decision making to decentralise, money to be saved, money to be earned, people to be happy and innovative ideas to emerge.

He is an expert in learning pedagogy, currently working on a project to make democratic and alternative education more widespread. He lectures in Digital Transformation at the world’s 3rd ranked Exec MBA programme HEC Paris and at “the harvard of digital” Hyper Island.

Jon Barnes is a radical minimalist, promoter of transparency and a proponent of using certain secular meditation techniques to improve our subjective experience and contribution to the world in a chaotic 21st century.

Jon is bilingual and happy to present in English or French.

To listen to Jon’s podcast series click here

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Organisations in Flux / Networked Organisations

This talks helps people to realise the degree to which the world is changing, to see how they can re-think their business model, culture, and actual organisational structure to do so. They’ll even leave with new ideas for products. From the macro, to the micro where they see how they as individuals will need to change.

Leading change

This talk helps leaders have personal realisations of how they as individuals will need to adapt to the world, live in new ways and importantly: lead in new ways. An eye opening personal transformation in order to change the business as a whole.

Customer-centric organisations

‘Customer first’ is an incredibly mis-understood cliché. This talk gets companies to realise the huge potential they could realise by re-aligning their reason for being around the customer to dramatic commercial benefit. They will finish by seeing clear maths to prove why their organisation should be quite literally re-structured around the customer.

A more resilient democratic system for the fourth industrial revolution

Whilst democracy has created the most peaceful period in human history it is also disastrously incapable of dealing with the complexities of the modern world. Luckily, both science and the amazing achievements of tech entrepreneurs lead us to new democratic models that can bring about new organisational methods for the masses which are based on reason, innovation and integrative thinking. A future built for the people by the people is now, for the first time in human history, a technological possibility.

A wiser education system for the fourth industrial revolution

The current education system has done wonders for the world but it also full of awful ironies and is totally ill-equipped to bring about a prosperous future. The solutions are palpable though. Through both theory and personal experiments and experiences, this talk takes us from the oldest education principles all the way through to the most novel modern practices, helping educators and systems designers envision an educational system which will lead to more harmony, more happiness and more innovation.

How to hack your self

How can I be happy? How do you change your lifestyle to create true physical and psychological health? In this talk, I use a personal story to help audiences treat themselves like an experiment in happiness and well-being. Through a mixture of behavioural psychology, buddhist philosophy, technology and lifestyle design, we explore ways in which we can hack our happiness and optimise our subjective experience of the world.

Amazing moment which has for sure impacted us and will transform our day to day habits and way of working. Thanks a lot Jon.

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You bring that new way of thinking that next generation

Geeneus, Father of Grime music and founder of

Inspiring, accessible. Just awesome

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I've found the work we did together transformative


Jon Barnes 2

Democracy Squared

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Jon Barnes 2

Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief: Advertising's Next Generation

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