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Josephine Green

Josephine Green

Former Senior Director of Trends & Strategy at Philips Design, Recognised Authority on Social & Cultural Change

Josephine Green is an internationally acclaimed speaker in the field of social and cultural change and innovation having been Senior Director of Trends and Strategy at Philips Design from 1997 to 2009, responsible for research into Society, Cultures and People and its implementation into the Strategic Futures Programme. She pioneered the Strategic Futures Program that helps companies and organisations think about and implement a human focused approach to innovation and growth. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne and has worked both in international sales and marketing and in futures and social research for advanced strategy.

As a consultant for a number of European Futures programmes and advisory boards, Josephine promotes working in emerging social space both as an opportunity and as a necessity and sees design and the new technologies as important enablers towards more social and sustainable solutions for the 21st century. Her main focus is on the critical transformation we are experiencing as we journey from one way of thinking, of being and of doing (the techno-industrial era) to another (the socio-ecological era).

For a number of decades we have been talking about how the world will change and is changing but now something dramatic has happened the world has changed. Despite this many of our institutions, our corporations, our education systems and ourselves, have not yet realised it. History fast forwards to the future but we too often hold back trying to mould this new complex reality to a simpler time.

Josephine Green explores and articulates this critical period of transformation and challenges us to think and to act differently in our world. She believes we need a different way of framing, creating, innovating and being in the world if we are to live well, prosper and safeguard the future. She demonstrates the very real need to go beyond the present growth paradigm, to decentralise and distribute creativity, innovation and design and to embrace complexity through new organisational, cultural and leadership models.

"Collaboration is born of and perpetuates abundance." Josephine

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Engaging with the Future Differently — From Pyramids to Pancakes

A worldview based on linearity, industrialism and materialism is now giving way to a new one born out of chaos and complexity, networks and systems thinking. How do we live and work meaningfully in this charged and fluid terrain of the future? In this keynote Josephine Green, will show us the ways to decentralise and distribute innovation, strategy and design.

Scarcity to Abundance

As we witness the death of hierarchy does this also signal the death of scarcity and the death of competition? Not in absolute terms, but in terms of its elevation to the driving principle of our worldview and of how we are in the world. Competition is born of and perpetuates scarcity. Collaboration is born of and perpetuates abundance.

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