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Karim Rashid

One of the most unique voices in design

Visionary and prolific, Karim Rashid is one of the most unique voices in design today. With more than 4000 designs in production, nearly 300 awards to his name, and client work in over 40 countries, Karim’s ability to transcend typology continues to make him a force among designers of his generation.

Eschewing style in favour of designing in the modus of our time, Karim’s designs include luxury goods for Christofle, Alessi, and Veuve Clicquot; democratic products for Umbra, bobble, and 3M; timeless furniture for Bonaldo, Tonelli, BoConcept, and Vondom; exquisite lighting for Artemide and Fontana Arte; high-tech products for Asus and SirinLabs; surface design for Marburg and Abet Laminati; iconic graphics for Citibank and Sony Ericsson; and award-winning packaging for Method, Paris Baguette, Kenzo, and Eos.

Karim Rashid’s influence expands beyond product to interiors, including restaurants like Amoje Food Capital in South Korea; hospitality design for nhow Hotel Berlin and budget hotels for Prizeotels in Bremen, Hamburg, and Hannover; public environments like Universita Metro Station in Naples; and retail design for Fun Factory in Berlin and Munich. Additionally, he has collaborated on innumerable concept exhibitions for clients such as Dupont Corian, Deutsche Bank, PepsiCo, and Audi. In 2017 Karim launched KURV Architecture D.P.C. with partner Alex Hughes AIA, bringing a unique multidisciplinary approach to architecture, investment, and development.

Numerous awards and accolades attest to Karim’s contribution to the world of design. He is a perennial winner of the Red Dot award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design award, Pentawards, and IDSA Industrial Design Excellence award. He holds Honorary Doctorates from Carlton University, Pratt Institute, OCAD in Toronto, British Institute of Interior Design, and Corcoran College of Art & Design

Contemporary artwork created by Karim ranges from digital prints to public art/ installation and sculpture. His works are featured in 20 permanent collections in various art institutions worldwide, including Brooklyn Museum of Art, MoMA, and The Center Pompidou. He has exhibited across the globe and is a frequent contributor to the Venice Biennale. He is represented by Sandra Gering Gallery in New York City.

A cultural shaper, Karim Rashid is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences globally, aspiring to change the world by making design a public subject. He is also regularly featured in print and digital platforms by media companies like CNN, Vogue, Elle, GQ, The New York Times, and countless more. This reach allows Karim to fulfil his ambition of disseminating the importance of design in everyday life.

Karim’s latest monograph, XX (Design Media Publishing, 2015), features 400 pages of work selected from the last 20 years. Other monographs include From The Beginning, an oral history of Karim’s life and inspiration (Forma, 2014); Sketch, featuring 300 hand drawings (Frame Publishing, 2011); KarimSpace, featuring 36 of Karim’s interior designs (Rizzoli, 2009); Design Your Self, Karim’s guide to living (Harper Collins, 2006); Digipop, a digital exploration of computer graphics (Taschen, 2005); Compact Design Portfolio (Chronicle Books 2004); and classic titles  Evolution (Universe, 2004) and I Want to Change the World (Rizzoli, 2001).

In his spare time Karim’s pluralistic practice flirts with art, fashion, and music and is determined to creatively touch every aspect of our physical and virtual landscape.

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The Future of Design

The world is becoming very savvy - both visually and about information. The energy and times are hypertrophic and consumers are perpetually interested in being stimulated, in being excited about their physical environment. It is the residue of the digital age. Everything needs to be designed. I see the future of our aesthetic world crossing all the aesthetic disciplines so that design, art, architecture, fashion, food, music, fuse together to increase our experiences and bring greater pleasure to our material and immaterial lives. Our motivations should focus around our conscious collective memory and a desire to fill it with ideas that are seamless between art and life. I bring differentiation, innovation, and human needs and desires to companies– all necessary in business today, without this, brands will not survive in our shrinking global highly competitive market place.

Designs New Role

Today, designers approach their work from a different perspective.  A poetic design has evolved based on a plethora of complex criteria - human experience; social, global, economic and political issues; physical and mental interaction, form, vision, and a rigorous understanding of contemporary culture. However, manufacturing is based on another collective group of criteria: capital investment, market share, production ease, dissemination, growth, distribution, maintenance and service, performance, quality, ecological issues and sustainability. The combination of all of these components has come to shape our interiors, inform our aesthetic, our physical culture, and our human experiences. These issues shape the business - its identity, its brand, and its value. 

The Business of Beauty

Are companies really interested in people and in culture? Do manufacturers discuss personal rituals, the depths of private relationships, the warmth of family, the codes of love, the signs of human emotions, the regard for happiness, freedom, personal expression, the wellbeing of our human existence? And do they address these questions through the product they sell? Industrial speed has had a great effect on progress, communication, the global economy and on our human psyche. Yet our human experiences are becoming less apparent and products around us have taken on a banality and certain sameness due to rapid mass-production, lack of research and development, lack of interest in a cultural significance, low-capital investments, all due to the great mass mechanization of the twentieth century. Businesses can only be holistic and comprehensive if they are able to address these issues.

Sensual Minimalism

My agenda is to contribute objects in our physical landscape that inspire, engage, and encourage positive experiences. I define my work as Sensual Minimalism - where objects communicate, engage, and inspire, yet remain minimal. They can speak simply and directly, without being superfluous. My work is a marriage of organic and pure geometry, of technology and materials, as a motivator of human engagement. The softer, friendly, organic forms communicate tactility and express a strong visual comfort and pleasure. In response to excess, market seduction, and lack of sustainability, I believe that every new object should replace three. Better objects edit the marketplace.

Blurring Boundaries

I am a citizen of the global society where there are no boundaries, no borders, no diversities, prejudice, class or racial differences. I love the shrinking unification of the world because it affords all of us to be inspired by every culture, every person, everywhere and anytime. This is the omnipresent new age in which we live. With more choice, more exposure, more information, more exchange, perpetual communication we become an ever-vast inspiring single world! Globalization has opened up diversity of the individual. As our world shrinks we become more aware of the world around us, we communicate globally, we mix and in turn we will eventually have one global culture made up of individual objective minds.

The Future of Fashion Design

Design, architecture, music, literature, film, fashion, objects, spaces, furniture and all the built environment as well as the virtual environment is part of our daily experiences, and they all impact our quality of life, and touch our evanescent, public psyche. It is all part of the continuum of our future. I don’t see a difference between clothes and objects, architecture and jewelry. Design, be it fashion or furniture, is to touch all our senses, and shape our lives. The important part of this non-stop, physical and virtual landscape is that it should create a better life, a more seamless, experiential, beautiful, poetic yet hyper-functional life. Fashion should be part of this shaping of our well-being and not a disparate exercise. We must fashion a better world.

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