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Kevin Eyres

Kevin Eyres

Former European MD of LinkedIn and Angel Investor

Kevin Eyres is a hyper-growth expert, executive coach, and speaker. Kevin spent more than 10 years in Europe leading international hyper-growth strategy for LinkedIn Europe, SideStep (now Kayak) and AltaVista. As a technology leader, he oversaw development teams at and Compaq Computers.

Kevin has been responsible for the International operations of three Silicon Valley companies since arriving in Europe in 2000. He was the General Manager of AltaVista International spanning 14 countries. He joined SideStep, now Kayak, as Managing Director in 2005 and in 2007 was appointed Managing Director for LinkedIn.  Kevin joined the companies as their first employee outside the US.

At LinkedIn, Kevin’s primary job was to expand LinkedIn into Europe. For the next four years, he was one of the leaders who crafted and executed the hyper-growth strategy that helped LinkedIn expand into five countries, hire 200+ new team members in Europe, and sustain over 150% YOY growth. Although he had led high-growth international strategy for SideStep (now Kayak) and AltaVista International, his time at LinkedIn provided tremendous insight into the new world of hyper-growth.

Kevin Eyres was also the founding mentor to the UK government’s Tech City UK initiative support UK digital entrepreneurship by lowering barriers to success and building a thriving ecosystem. He is active in youth education technology charities as a board member of Apps for Good, a social enterprise focused on changing the way young people are exposed to and learn about technology.

He is an advisor to high growth companies on conscious leadership for hyper-growth and international expansion as well as a board member to Essentia Analytics and active angel investor.

A US national, Kevin holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Texas in San Antonio and holds six patents in communication technology.

Whether sharing his innovative leadership philosophy or drawing from his experience, Kevin leaves audiences inspired, informed and poised to embrace their leadership potential.

“To lead a culture of innovation, you need a new form of leadership: one that embraces both the head and the heart; the operator and the person.” Kevin

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Innovating Through The Emotional Lens Of Leadership

Emotions don't cost anything, but they can cost everything, especially when the stake are high. As leaders, others look to us to navigate the way no matter what the situation, regardless of our own internal relationship or circumstances. Innovation requires risk and brings heightened emotions for your team and you. Get equipped to innovate with emotions.

Focus: Emotional Leadership with the practical application to innovation

Interactive, experiential ‘workshop’ experience with a goal of clear take-home value and new perspective.

Key takeaways: (Emotions, we all have them, some people get used by them, some use them as fuel for innovation)

Three key takeaways:
1. See, feel and act through a new lens; conscious and connected to yourself. We are emotional beings yet rarely encouraged to fully embrace our emotional side in the office. Embody both you emotions and intellect to mindfully bring your full self present.

2. Appreciate your self-doubt and vulnerability. Vulnerability demonstrates a consciousness and depth to a leader serving as a reminder that everyone has struggles and setbacks. Self-doubt is something we are all faced with, whether we show it externally, or not. Some use it, while others get used by it. Be a leader who can use self-doubt and vulnerability as a driver for success and innovation.

3. Learn how to navigate real-life experiences of driving innovation and riding the ups and downs of failure, feedback and success from a different perspective to realize potential previously unreachable or unknown.

Beyond Doubt: Doubt as Fuel for Leadership Potential

Self doubt: some use it, some get used by it, but we all experience it. As leaders, this internal battle all too often prevents us from driving innovation within our organizations. In this immersive keynote, Kevin empowers leaders to transform self-doubt from a roadblock of weakness to a powerful tool for influencing and inspiring a culture of innovation.

Drawing from business trends, science and his experience at the helm of innovative hyper-growth organizations, Kevin inspires audiences to: Use doubt as fuel for reaching your full leadership potential; Embrace Conscious Leadership as you drive sustainable results; Inspire those you lead to see their true potential, and use empathy to help them reach it; Recognize self-doubt as a fundamental aspect of leadership development

Ideal for: Seasoned leaders, CEOs, innovation execs, and any leader or company looking to create a culture of innovation within their organization

Step Up: Driving Innovation During Hyper-Growth

We all dream of achieving hyper-growth, but what happens when that day comes? In this engaging program, Kevin uses his experiences as Head of LinkedIn Europe and other high-growth companies to highlight the common challenges of 100%+ YOY growth and how to best overcome them as a leader. During this keynote, Kevin empowers audiences to: Cultivate Conscious Leadership by viewing themselves as operators, leaders, and people; Use this new perspective to overcome common hyper-growth challenges such as fixing broken systems, cultivating talent and creating organizational priorities; Step up as leaders who embrace their full potential and help their team do the same; Achieve sustainable growth and real results amid hyper-growth’s rapid changes.

Ideal for CEOs and other leaders or rapidly growing organizations

Immersive Workshops

A seasoned team-builder and coach, Kevin also provides hands-on workshops in Conscious Leadership for organizations around the globe. Whether working closely with your Founder or a particular team, Kevin digs deep into your particular leadership challenges and organizational goals to deliver an immersive, customized experience that will jump start lasting results in your company. This workshop can be provided following a keynote or as a separate experience.

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