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Kim Lear

Speaker, writer, strategist, researcher and true generational expert

Kim Lear is a writer and researcher focused on generational patterns and demographic shifts. As the founder and content director of Inlay Insights, Kim is at the forefront of cutting edge research to uncover cultural shifts that revolutionize how organizations engage employees and consumers. She is known for her ability to use a mix of data, storytelling, humor, and actionable takeaways to discuss the trends that most impact the bottom line of organizations. Previously, Kim was the content director at a research firm dedicated to generational and Millennials trends. Her undergrad research is around Baby Boomers and longevity. Her post-grad work is around Millennials and social media networks.

Kim Lear has keynoted for some of the most renowned companies in the world. She has received rave reviews from clients such as American Express, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Disney, General Mills, Linked In, Mastercard, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wells Fargo, and more. In addition to speaking, Kim has written whitepapers on the topics of generational wealth transfer in the finance sector, retirement trends in the hospitality industry, and the impacts of mindfulness practices on healthcare costs.

A researcher to the very core, Kim employs eye-opening statistics to accentuate her points
and mixes them with stories and case studies to make her message come alive. She is a
sought-after expert and has been featured on NPR as well as national publications such as
The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, USA Today, TIME Magazine and more. She
was most recently the head of research on a new book published by Harper Collins about
Gen Z, the teenage demographic.

Kim lives and works in Minneapolis where she is currently running a research initiative to
identify how the Sharing Economy impacts our perspectives on community and
consumption. She is an advisor to Tuesday Strategies, a political tech startup focused on
engaging Millennial voters and she is a volunteer for The 78 Cents Project where she
provides speech coaching to young women.

When not delving into the minutia of human behavior, you can find Kim paddle boarding,
planning an overseas adventure or binge watching Game of Thrones.

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The Future Factors of Work

We are in the midst of a period of great change in organizational structure. Hierarchies are flattening, networks are being created, the traditional “American Dream” is being re-examined, and constant disruption is forcing established industries to work harder to remain relevant. Our ability to understand the factors that shape the behaviours of colleagues and employees is critical for organizations to create engaged and productive workforces and gain a competitive advantage.

The Future Factors of the Marketplace

The Empowered Consumer has arrived. With information at their fingertips and platforms to share opinions, consumers understand the power they yield in the marketplace. It’s time to turn The Empowered Consumer into your greatest brand evangelist.

The Age of the Multigenerational Workforce

Study after study has shown us that multigenerational teams outperform more homogeneous groups by almost every measure. This can be attributed to their unique and diverse experiences– the more seasoned employees offer wisdom and expertise while those on the younger end offer a fresh and innovative perspective. While the advantages are numerous, it turns out, managing multigenerational teams is easier said than done. Today’s teams are often plagued by issues regarding everything from work ethic and retention to succession and fairness.

Today, each generation is taking on new roles in the workplace. Millennials are no longer entry-level employees - they are managers who may oversee older, more seasoned employees. Gen Xers have stepped up to the C Suite, reinventing and redefining what it means to be a leader. Boomers are transitioning and taking their careers in new directions and Gen Zers are now on the scene, ready to shake up the work world and present a whole new challenge to their Millennial supervisors. The key to understanding and leveraging these generational trends is to recognize that it’s not about “out with the old, in with the new.” Every generation brings value to the workforce.

On top of these new roles, global changes impact all of us, from technology, to increased
competition, to the rapid rate of change. But when faced with these changes, each generation learns to adapt differently.

Kim Lear will give you a closer look into who these generations are and the trends emerging as they adapt to each new career stage. Her research, insights and original concepts will help you better understand each generation. You’ll leave with a new appreciation for their unique perspective as they navigate the challenges of building
effective teams in this brave new multigenerational workforce.

• Explain who the generations are in today’s workforce
• Identify the negative stereotypes that hold teams back
• Present solutions for mentorship, motivation and engagement of all generations
• Provide takeaways on how to best lead multi-generational teams and groom the next generation of leaders
• Explore best and worst—case studies from organizations who are finding success or failure in this new world of work
• Transform workforce and marketplace obstacles into opportunities

I found the presentation incredibly engaging. Your use of audio, visual, handouts and participation balanced the presentation and really increased the learning curve. We have had several employees who keep referring back to the presentation, what they learned, and how they would apply it to their daily work life.


You did a great job of explaining the material and made it fun too. This was very helpful in deepening my understanding of Millennials and of myself. I'm already putting some of the ideas into practice!


I just want to tell you how impressed I was with your presentation today and how refreshing it was to have a young face up on stage! Your presentation on the generational gap was spot on. Your clarity and ability to focus on key takeaways for my interaction with my manager will prove to be very helpful. I hope to approach my business relationships with these nuances in mind.


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