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Kirk Kinnell

Experienced Police Negotiator

A retired and highly experienced police negotiator, Kirk Kinnell has been deployed as the lead negotiator on a number of occasions where UK nationals have been kidnapped abroad.

He has instructed on Hostage and Crisis Negotiation since 2001, within the UK and abroad. As the recent Head of Hostage Negotiation and Armed Policing in Scotland, he has a unique insight into both disciplines, which compliment each other in the resolution of conflict.

To learn more about Kirk, listen to his podcast here

Kirk Kinnell has spoken at various National Conferences including Columbus Ohio, Sweden, Dubai, Japan and has instructed internationally at the Hostage Crisis Negotiator Course of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in Quantico, Virginia, USA.

He has represented the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on the U.K. Government Counter Terrorist Bilateral Assistance Programme by training the Philippine National Police. He was also recently the lead advisor to U.S. Law Enforcement and produced models for Conflict Resolution, Decision Making and De-escalation of Force.

Kirk is a leading member of the Global International Negotiator Working Group where he proposed and subsequently implemented a Global Counter Terrorism Strategy and Training Programme which was adopted by all nations represented.

Kirk Kinnell currently shares his experience and delivers training to the private sector on business negotiation, listening and influencing skills throughout the U.K. and beyond to places like New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, China, Dubai, Republic of Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Serbia.

He is an associate of both Mullenders Ltd and Schranner Negotiation Institute and has a BA Degree in Policing Studies from Strathclyde University and a Certificate in Terrorism Studies from St Andrews University.


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How to listen as if your life depended on it

Kirk Kinnell shares with us how to Listen like a Hostage Negotiator, where the value of a human life is at stake. He takes us through the ‘Magnificent Seven’ levels of listening with practical examples and an opportunity to try them out. It is followed with a demonstration of the skills, which open up conversations and help you to work out other people and are then able to consequently influence their behaviour, based on the perspective and values you have just gleaned.

Using Leverage to improve relationships

This session covers where to find leverage in conversations. When people truly identify what makes you tick, it creates an engrossed transformational moment where you are likely to experience a deeper connection with them. This encounter creates what most people recognise as a sustainable relationship. (In the corporate world, this can be seen as repeat business.)

How to shift the Balance of Power in your favour to achieve results

Hostage Negotiators arrive on the scene and always find that the ‘Hostage Taker’ has all of the power. The subtle identification and transfer of power is crucial in achieving their outcome. The skills and process associated with this concept is easily transferable into the corporate world and in personal life. This topic has great relevance in organisations with any perceived imbalances.

Get better business results by finding Value

Hostage Negotiators need to find what constitutes value in the other person, in order to sell them an idea that life is better than death. The mathematical basis for Value Equation requires perceived benefit is greater than the cost. If we listen, we can find the true value to others in the following areas:
· Financial Cost

· Usefulness

· Social

· Psychological

Kirk’s session went really well. It was a really interactive, fun but also challenging session. Kirk really understood us as an organisation and made links during the session so it felt really bespoke. He definitely made an impression and won’t be forgotten.

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