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L. Vaughan Spencer

Self- Help Guru and Gangster Motivator

L. Vaughan Spencer is known as the Tom Peters for the Britney Spears generation!  He has recently returned to his native Britain after a lengthy sojourn in Canada where he has built a huge following and massive reputation as a personal growth guru.

L. Vaughan Spencer was named the 2004 Business Speaker of the Year for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and came 12th in the Northern Hemisphere Motivator of the Year (Under-40 Middleweight Section). He is Business Ambassador for the South East England Tree Fellowship, editor-at-large of Success & Succeediness and is the Kall-Kwik Visiting Professor of Succeedership at the University of the Isle of Wight. He is a member of the Board of Governors of Skybrook Primary School in Stevenage.

To learn more about L.Vaughan Spencer listen to his podcast here

He is the chief executive of the L. Vaughan Spencer Foundation, a not-for-much-profit organisation dedicated to its betterment and of Succeeder Solutions who provide “bespoke solutions to tricky problems”. He is Chair of the Succeeder Institute, a think-tank on important things which is trying to advise the government. He is considered one of the world’s leading trendologists. Having looked at Generation X, then Generation Y, he is firmly focused on the prospects for Generation Z. What comes after that remains unclear.

He is a global force and helped organise the famous Motiv-8 Event in July 2005, held near Wembley, and at locations across the world and Hertfordshire. Leading lights in the personal growth industry attended and so did someone from the European Union. In 2006, he was appointed a Senior Fellow at the Advanced Seminar on Succeederology (ASS). It is now offering a new course, The Two-Minute MBA.

As one of the UK’s leading thinkers (he has been acknowledged as one of the top ten thousand influential people on management issues in the Home Counties), L. Vaughan Spencer does a lot of thinking, often about Leadership, and is in demand internationally as an inspiring speaker, renowned for his passion and dress sense. His insightful and skilful story-telling mean he can make the Big Picture seem even bigger. He sits on the European Cheese Council, and plays tennis. L. Vaughan Spencer was recently awarded the Gold Star Lifetime Achievement Award by the Personal Development Association of Newfoundland for his services to humanity and sales of his videos. He has been married and lives not from far from London Luton Airport.

L. Vaughan Spencer’s mantra is that if you don’t aim the arrow right, it will never land where you want it. And you must pull the bow back.

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