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Mandy Hickson

Former RAF pilot and only the second woman ever to fly a Tornado GR4 on the front line

Mandy Hickson was the only female pilot on her Front Line Tornado Squadron, flying multimillion pound fast jets for the  Royal Air Force. She has operated in hostile environments, including patrolling the ‘No Fly’ zone over Iraq. Carrying the latest weaponry she and her unit were ready to drop ordnance on any target in support of operations.

Her route to the top was tumultuous in every sense – awarded an RAF flying scholarship at 17, long before she even passed her driving test, she went on to win aerobatic competitions whilst still a student. However, despite her prowess in the skies, she failed the computer-based tests, taken by all potential RAF pilots. Undeterred, her self-belief and dogged determination persuaded the RAF to take her on as a test case, thereby overcoming seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

Now a civilian, Mandy draws on her experiences to train and inspire others, covering the core areas of human factors; decision making, communication, leadership, behaviour, workload, conflict, fatigue and stress management. Mandy relates her experiences of working within an elite team of fast jet operators to audiences with great clarity and humour, outlining how the same values apply within any environment. She demonstrates only too well the importance of remaining calm under pressure and leading, quite literally, from the front, in order to get the best from herself and her team.

Since leaving the RAF, Mandy Hickson continues her support for the services in the Volunteer Reserve (VR), through flying on the Air Experience Flight, passing on her experience and enjoyment of flying to Air Cadets. She is on the board of trustees at the Victory Services Club,  London and is an ambassador for sport for Hampshire County Council. She also supports her local community as Chairwoman of her local Tennis Club.

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The building and empowerment of effective teams

Inspired goal setting and ultimate focus

Decision making under extreme pressure

Maintaining momentum despite losing top talent

Nurturing a culture of self-confidence and aspiration

Risk Management

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As managers, we were left with a powerful impression of the importance of making decisions that actively empower our teams to step up and to learn, first on safe "training ground" and ultimately in high stakes contexts.

M&G Investments

Mandy was absolute brilliant, I would highly recommend Mandy for any event We hung on ever word and still wanted more after two & half hours. I personally came out on a massive high.

Taylor Wimpey

Mandy is a fantastic public speaker. She is both inspirational and extremely well prepared. Her ability to relate her own experience working under extreme pressure and in highly performing teams to everyday situations is most impressive. She tops it all with a wonderful sense of humour and great modesty. Listening to her talking about the many challenges that she has successfully overcome should be compulsory for all girls!

Dechert LLP, International Law Firm

I just wanted to let you know that we have had many speakers in the past, some really well known like Ranulph Fiennes who have all been quite excellent. But the feedback we had from our sales team about your talk was without exception the best ever. Really well done, thank you. Your story is a great one but the way you link it to our company goals was ‘spot-on’ and made it more useful. I would have no hesitation in recommending you as the best speaker we have employed and we’ve been doing this for 15 years!


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