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Mark Stevenson

Futurist and Author 

‘Reluctant’ Futurologist Mark Stevenson is an author, broadcaster and expert on global trends and innovation. He is one of the world’s most respected thinkers on the interplay of technology and society, helping a diverse mix of clients from government agencies, to corporates, to NGOs become future literate and adapt their cultures and strategy to squarely face the questions the future is asking them (or to die gracefully if they need to).

He is the author of the internationally best-selling An Optimist’s Tour of the Future, which has been translated into 10 languages and was described by The Atlantic as “An essential, illuminating, refreshingly hopeful, auspicious yet grounded vision of the future. Mark’s second book, the award-winning We Do Things Differently: the outsiders rebooting our world, was published in January 2017, and soon hit the Amazon top ten (“If you worry for the future of humanity, you will beg not to be interrupted as you read this book,” wrote Kate Raworth in The Week).

To learn more about Mark, listen to his podcast here

Mark’s diverse advisory roles include being Medicines Sans Frontiers (UK) Futurist Without Borders and resident futurist at The National Theatre of Scotland.

TED curator, Chris Anderson remarks, “Stevenson wears no blindfold. His tools are curiosity, open-mindedness, clarity and reason.”

Mark is also an occasional comedy writer. His work has been performed on Radio 4 and his play (co-written with Jack Milner), Octopus Soup, toured the UK in 2019.

Mark will give you a whistle stop tour of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the next 20 years and why business as usual is a recipe for disaster. We’re in for a rocky ride, but future-literate organisations have a shot at greatness.

During Covid-19 lockdown, Mark recorded a webinar with Graham Brown-Martin which can be listened to here

View Mark’s Masterclass: Becoming a Pragmatist Optimist

To view an outline of Mark’s ‘Creating Cultures of Innovation and Creativity in a fast changing world’ workshop, visit here. 

"I cannot recommend the team at MFL highly enough - they're top of their game, easy to work with and genuinely nice people too." Mark

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The Future and what to do about it

Take a whistle stop tour of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the next 20 years and why ‘business as usual’ is a recipe for disaster. How is the landscape of society going to change in terms of technology, energy, governance, health and commerce? What questions should smart organisations be asking themselves? And how can your organisation be fit for the future? Mark will show you. We’re in for a rocky ride, but future-literate organisations have a shot at greatness. Available as either a keynote or masterclass.

The 8 principles of successful optimists

Having spent 10 years working with and writing about some of the most innovative and extraordinary people and organisations in the world, Mark has distilled this learning down to his ‘eight principles for successful optimists’ that can be used at a personal, team and organisational level. What’s more, they can be implemented immediately with profound effects. Available as either a keynote or masterclass.

How to get people to change

How do you talk truth to power and get away with it? What does it take for change to go beyond good intentions and turn into action? How do you take people out of their comfort zones and have them thank you for it? The answers are unexpected, but surprisingly uncomplicated. Drawing on his experience advising organisations as diverse as Medecines Sans Frontiers and Virgin, Mark will take you through the theory and practice of moving the immovable, to make a different future. Available as either a keynote or masterclass.

Innovation in an age of chaos

How can an organisation maintain any kind of innovative edge when chaos abounds? Our increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world may seem almost impossible to navigate, and yet some organisations and individuals do, remaining relevant even as their competitors flail in the madness. While writing his last bestseller, We Do Things Differently, Mark spent four years in the company of some of the world’s most innovative people and organisations and he’ll distill what he learnt about the principles, techniques and skills they use to stay ahead - and how you can too. Available as either a keynote or masterclass.

Bringing AI back to reality

There isn’t any version of the future currently being sold (whether by corporates, governments or civil society) that doesn’t involve the radical transformative power of AI and robotics. But beneath the hype and misinformation what does the AI revolution actually mean for society, business, governance and investment? In this talk Mark will discuss the winners and losers as AI rolls out across the technology landscape and explain why the real innovations needed in the AI age are, in fact, deeply human. Available as a keynote.

Mark was excellent, not only did he give a lot of food for thought with his talk but also weaved in our pledges that we launched making it feel that it was only written for the conference and not a generic talk. Every comment on his talk was glowing and we can not praise highly enough his contribution that made our conference such a success.


Mark’s presentation was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. Working in Pharmaceuticals we have a very limited view of the world and his talk delivered important messages around change, breaking rules and the importance of innovation, presented in a manner that was both humorous, practical and entertaining.


A spellbinding job. It was a tremendous speech met with a standing ovation. It is not often that you can hear a pin drop in a room that size – but the audience was enthralled. Wonderful!

US Space Foundation

Mark's approach to giving strategic advice is bold, unapologetic and consistently pushes you to examine your own instincts and the contributions of those around you. What makes Mark stand out? He truly cares. He invests himself in the journey and travels it with you. He helps to make big picture connections and has many times translated difficult challenges, questions and debates into language that we all (not just senior management - all staff) understand and can relate to. Mark's approach has brought the teams across our office together, and the outcomes of our work over the coming years will be far better because of it.

Medicines Sans Frontiers


Mark Stevenson 1

Optimists Tour of the Future

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Mark Stevenson 1

We Do Things Differently

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