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For twenty years Michael Rogers, author, journalist and futurist-in-residence for The New York Times, has helped hundreds of clients think about the future, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, from universities and government agencies to the general public.

Michael is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who brings real business experience and a deep understanding of technology.  He adds the keen eye of an investigative journalist and the story-telling skills of a best-selling novelist.  Michael provides a powerful catalyst to help organisations create a vision of the future and the will to innovate.

Michael Rogers studied physics and creative writing at Stanford, with additional work at the Stanford Business School Executive Education program.  He combined all three disciplines helping create the future at The Washington Post, Newsweek and The New York Times Company.

As a result Michael understands how business operates, and knows the difference between science fiction and useful forecasting.  He often runs strategy retreats for senior executives in finance, marketing, healthcare, information technology, consumer goods and more.

Michael Rogers customises his presentations to best fit both the audience and the goals of the event.  For every occasion, he delivers a dynamic and entertaining vision of change, blending technology, economics, demographics, culture and human nature.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Change....Everything!

Cognitive computing is the latest and most potent expression of artificial intelligence. Software and robots can now learn from experience and then reason and act upon information--often coming up with insights that humans might not reach. Because they are “cloud-based”, these powerful thinking tools will be accessible even to small organisations and individuals. The result will be new efficiencies and surprising new intelligent services that will change the very nature of work and challenge us to identify what skills are uniquely human.

Your Business in 2025: A Customised Prediction

For this popular speech, Michael—who is also a best-selling science fiction writer— does an interview to learn more about your business, practice or discipline. He then creates a realistic scenario of what your profession or business may be like in the mid-Twenties. He’ll identify potential new products, new customers and new challenges. He’s done it for lawyers, health care professionals, transportation companies, retailers, educators, financial services companies and more—even a luxury goods manufacturer!

The “Virtualisation” of America and the World

Over the next decade, more and more of our work, what we care about and how we interact with others will involve the Internet, intelligent computers and the Internet of Things. If you think that’s already happened...just listen to what Michael predicts is next. Add to that the rise of a new generation of “digital natives” who are remarkably comfortable with virtual relationships. What will this mean for how our businesses and organizations must evolve in the years to come? How will products change to meet new needs and what will companies do to reach their customers?

Management Meets the Future: the Innovation Challenge

Never before has management’s life been so...interesting. Business, government and society are all creating a vast new digital infrastructure, from smart sensors and cognitive computing to wearable computers, extended social networks and virtual workplaces. That puts leaders in the midst of not just technical challenges but broader social quandaries such as the nature of privacy, white collar automation, reskilling workers, the rule of law in cyberspace--not to mention the strategic direction of the enterprise itself. How can successful managers discover and implement innovation while still meeting the daily challenges of business?

The Radical New World of Education

We’re all educators--either as professional teachers, or as managers, team leaders, mentors, or parents. In the future, we will be permanent students as well. The online world represents a powerful opportunity for education to reach a wider, more diverse audience. But it’s also a challenge to the future of both teachers and campuses. And there’s a second issue: what do we teach? Now that young people live with one foot in the virtual world, how does that impact education and employment? What skills will our students initially bring (or not bring) to campus, and what skills will they need to make their way in an increasingly automated world? Michael has spoken to educators worldwide, ranging from K-12 to college, law and medicine.

The Healthcare Revolution

The future is bright for medicine: telemedicine, wellness monitors, personal genomics, electronic health records, and more. Plus: “big data” and smart computers will choose the best and most efficient treatment options based on actual outcomes. All this progress will come with caveats, of course: how do we keep the human element in healthcare? What are the privacy implications of personal genomic data? How do we fund the latest technologies while still making sure that basic healthcare is affordable? Michael has presented this topic to pharmaceutical companies, hospital networks, health insurers, medical educators and more.

Some futurists are good storytellers with plenty of charisma but no 'wisdom' or experience and others have loads of experience but no charisma. You demonstrated both.

Pitney Bowes

Michael presents as though he is talking with you, versus at you. He’s someone you would love to be seated next to at any event!

General Electric

Thank you for the excellent talk you gave to our audience yesterday. The range of topics you addressed was thought-provoking and exactly on target with the theme, “Building Bridges to the Future.”

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Many of the delegates mentioned that your session was the most informative of the program--many expressed that they especially appreciated your warmth and wit. We were very pleased that your remarks were so carefully tailored for our audience, and that you delivered exactly the message we had planned.

National Association of Federal Credit Unions


Michael Rogers 7

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Michael Rogers 7


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Michael Rogers 7

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Michael Rogers 7


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