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Mike Forde

Founder & CEO of Ingenio Management, and Leader in Talent Management and High Performance

Mike Forde is one of the world’s leading authorities on elite talent and high performance, having worked in the English Premier League soccer since 1998. He is widely recognised as a leading figure in the EPL, European Soccer and Elite US Team Sport for creating “game-changing” methodologies around management of world-class, multi-cultural talent. His work in pioneering new practices in the elite sports world has become a benchmark for leading teams across the globe.

Mike is the go to expert for some of the great sports leaders from the world of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and European Soccer. After a high profile career in English Soccer with Chelsea – where he lead them to their greatest era of success in 100 years. In 2013 Mike branched out to create the leading Consulting and Software company ‘Sportsology based out of London and New York. Mike now has a client list of the ‘who’s who’ of professional sport including recent NFL Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles and 2017 Executive of the Year Howie Roseman; LA Rams and 2017 Coach of the Year Sean McVay; Five times NBA Champions San Antonio Spurs and 2017 Super Bowl Finalists Atlanta Falcons.

Over the past four years Mike has built a powerhouse business consulting around building High Performance teams and ‘Talent Factories’ for over 30 professional teams across five global sports. Through his extensive work Mike has created a clear methodology around building high performance environments and leading talent that is repeatable and scalable for teams and companies anywhere to take their organisations to the next level.

In addition, Mike is co-author of the inspiring business book ‘Quiet Leadership’ (with over 100,000 sales globally) and a consistent publisher in the Financial Times; MIT Sloan; Harvard Business Review and many other leading business publications.

Mike draws on his elite experience to impart and develop wide-ranging learning, integration, and best practice in high-performance sports and its practical implications and transfer to the world of business.

"I have had the great fortune to work with Maria and her team for over five years and they are without doubt one of the most professional and passionate speaking agencies on the market. I speak on five continents every year and they are my number one 'go to' agency for the ultimate speaker experience. First class all the way!" Mike

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Why Elite Talent and High Performance

Since McKinsey's famous statement of the "War for Talent" that exists between the world's biggest businesses there has been greater focus on the leading organisations to identify, recruit, nurture and maximise their best talent. This talent pool is also now more diverse and comes from all corners of the planet. Along side this there has been a growing appreciation - driven by examples taken from global professional and Olympic sport - that there is real and lasting value or ROI in taking the best lessons from the world of sport around how to create 'High Performance' Cultures and teams that can be transferred to both the Board Room and the shop floor.

Creating a Talent Focused Organisational and Team Culture

Overview of the basic principles for creating an organisational strategy and approach to identifying, recruiting and maximising talent across your business.
Insight into understanding the contextual intelligence (CI) necessary to support the Cultural DNA of your organisation and in addition what makes highly talented people a success or failure in any business or team.
Focus on how to create a competitive advantage through concise, insight driven team building and utilisation of talent.

Strategies for becoming a 'Modern Day Leader of Talent'

Take home "Top 10 must do's" for becoming a Leader of Talented People
Innovative and practical operational framework for creating a high performance environment.
New and innovative model for identifying, recruiting and nurturing elite talent within your organisation.
Clear strategies for successfully building talented and diverse teams.
Strategies and mindsets to promote successful personal and professional development as a 21st Century leader of talented people.

Creating a High Performance Environment

An overview of the core characteristics that differentiate high performance sports environments from other less successful ones.
Insight and understanding around executing on the basics that drive success.
Identification of the traits and strategies used to create and nurture high performance thinking.

Handling Multi-Cultural Workforces

How do you handle people from different cultural backgrounds?
How do you get them to work as a team?
How do you communicate and manage them as individuals?
How do you understand and deal with their differences to facilitate individual and team success?

Managing Talented Individuals

How do you manage talent with big ego's?
How do you get talented people to work as a team?
How do you know when to 'cut' talented but disruptive talent?
How do you manage and maximize the value of talented individuals?

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Mike is a profoundly inspiring, entertaining, energetic and supremely insightful speaker/consultant. Every second Mike shared with us was packed with compelling evidence based insights into next 'level thinking' on being and creating high performance. His humorous and engaging ability to challenge paradigms around what innovation, creativity and performance is possible, in resource poor, rich and diverse environments, is a real 'game changer'. The impact Mike has had on our team has been way beyond anything we anticipated.


Mike Forde was a keynote speaker at the Oil and Gas Human Resources Forum in Paris with more than 100 participants from 40 companies. He had a vibrant message on how to channel a team towards peak performance. He was inspiring and natural at the same time and we all learned what to do and what not to do. He got the best rating from the participants . He has an amazing sense of what motivation is about.

Schlumberger Business Consulting

"Not only did Mike impress our clients and staff with his insights about talent management and performance cultures he also managed to transfer key learning's from football to business and even communication. Mike's knowledge and authentic enthusiasm for the field of performance gives you new ways of looking at things and motivates you for change. His presentation inspired us all!" –

Gambit Hill+Knowlton, Oslo Norway

Mike's presentation style and manner in which he connected with the audience was fantastic. Even for those who were non-sports enthusiasts, it was clear that he held the whole room captive and fully engaged throughout the presentation. Mike's communication style was extremely clear, professional and highly impactful.

The RES Forum Ltd


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Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches

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