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Molly Crockett

Molly Crockett

Assistant Professor Department of Psychology at Yale University

Dr Molly Crockett is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Yale University. Prior to joining Yale, Dr Crockett was a University Lecturer in Experimental Psychology, Fellow of Jesus College, and Distinguished Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, University of Oxford. She holds a BSc in Neuroscience from UCLA and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Cambridge, and completed a Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship with economists and neuroscientists at the University of Zurich and University College London.

Dr Molly Crocket was named a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science in 2015 and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2017. Dr Crockett’s lab investigates the psychological and neural mechanisms of morality, altruism and economic decision-making. Her research integrates perspectives from social psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics, and philosophy, and employs a range of methods including behavioural experiments, computational modelling, brain imaging, and pharmacology. This work has been published in top academic journals including Science, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron, PNAS and Current Biology. Her research has been covered by numerous news outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr Molly Crockett has written articles for WIRED, The Guardian and Scientific American, and her 2012 TED talk (“Beware Neuro-bunk”) has more than a million views. Current interests include self-deception and moral hypocrisy; the development of trust in healthy people and psychiatric disorders; moral outrage and political polarization; and how technology transforms social emotions.


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The neuroscience and psychology of altruism, morality and self-control

Human decision-making


We are so happy to have had Molly on board for the inaugural New Scientist Live event! We’ve received great overall feedback from our speakers, exhibitors and the audience, and I hope Molly enjoyed the event as well.

New Scientist Live 2016


Molly Crockett


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