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Nigel Mead

Nigel Mead

Magician, Entertainer & Performer

As an entertainer, Nigel Mead’s list of credits are significant, with performances for everyone from Steven Spielberg, Paul McCartney, Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro too over 40 Kings & Queens around the world, including Queen Elizabeth II. He’s appeared on stages across the globe as well as having over 100 television appearances to his name, with shows for Channel4 ,the BBC and ITV all on his CV.

As a writer and producer, Nigel co-created three series of ITV’s award winning magic show TRICKED (both in the UK and Canada),as well as producing content for The Royal Variety Performance, Britain’s Got Talent, and Mad Magicians in the USA. Nigel is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle–one of only 250 magicians worldwide to have attained that honour– working regularly with Google, YouTube and American Express to create surprising and memorable live experiences at their events year after year.

Nigel Mead’s love of magic started when he was very young, performing tricks to family which lead to him performing at children’s birthday parties and finally passing his exam for membership to the world famous Magic Circle.

By 18, he was a full Equity performer and ready to kickstart his foray into the glittering world of show-biz, but when his application to Opportunity Knocks bombed, he began performing at holiday camps, parties, pubs, restaurants – anywhere he could. He travelled across Europe performing shows. He has performed all over the world for everyone from kids to kings.

In 2003, I became the resident magician on Nickleodeon TV, here people saw how much he loved to present and as a consequence he was asked to appear in more shows from the USA to the Middle East.

Nigel Mead’s act includes moments of comedy, audience participation, interactive magic and everything in-between. Keen to keep an audience’s energy up over the course of a full day? No problem. Prefer to make your CEO disappear in a cloud of smoke after presenting the year’s financials? He can help with that too.

If Nigel hosts an event for you, he’s not just an ambassador for your brand – in the eyes of the audience, he is the brand. So he needs to know your business inside and out if he wants to come across as an authentic part of it.  He makes it his business to do his homework, because it’s only by doing this that he can make everything else feel spontaneous, natural – of the moment.  This approach is about putting you at ease so he can focus on crafting something unforgettable – considering the mundane to make way for the magical.  Sometimes using magic helps, sometimes it’s more about making people laugh. Do you need a big ‘wow’ moment to liven up the audience, or rather leave them engaged and ready for what’s next to come – no two shows are ever the same.

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