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Nigel Risner

Company Turnaround and Communications Specialist

Nigel Risner is the only motivational speaker in Europe to have been awarded Speaker of the Year from The Academy For Chief Executives, Vistage, Footdown and The Executive Committee,

Nigel is a respected author, television presenter and a prolific speaker. He speaks with authority: his own life having veered perilously away from comfortable norms at times. He has learned that positive results can come from negative experiences and that we often learn best from situations which are unfamiliar and even uncomfortable.

As one of the youngest CEO’s of a financial services company in the City of London, Nigel Risner knows business as well as he knows life and more importantly he knows what it takes to lead a successful business!  He has the ability to translate – with electrifying effect – that hand’s on experience into a coherent, compelling and exciting philosophy.   His books The IMPACT Code, It’s a zoo around here, You had me at hello and Ten heads are better than one new have sold in their thousands and are literally transforming lives around the world.

Nigel’s career began when he was 16 years old when he joined a Commercial Finance Company.  After a spell of Tennis Coaching in Israel, he returned to the UK to set up his own Independent Finance Brokerage at the age of 21 with the total sum of £12.80 capital. With massive growth that made him one of the youngest CEO’s he subsequently brought his partner out for £1.5 million and raised equity finance of approximately £2.5 million.  After securing venture capital his Company Milbourne become the largest independent brokerage in the Country.

This became the first of many companies that Nigel set up.  He has not only had the experience of working with people but dealing with challenges that thankfully most people have not had to experience.  When the financial crash in the late 1980’s occurred, instead of complaining he did the one thing that he now teaches all Chief Executives to do – take a risk and do something completely different.  He started mini-cab driving in his Company Bentley until such time as he set up a new business.  These events have now given him all the tools to show companies and their staff how to emerge in difficult situations.

All his presentations are interactive, memorable and most importantly life changing. Nigel’s workshops and keynote speeches are results-oriented, challenging his listeners to expand their horizons, embrace the opportunities that await them and dare to dream of achievements which seemed impossible before.  He is one of only six speakers in the UK to have been awarded the highly prestigious PSAE (professional speaking award of excellence) from the Professional Speakers Association.

Nigel has risen to international prominence as an inspirational speaker and peak performance coach. His high-energy messages show both companies and individuals exactly how to achieve long-term success. Nigel’s goal is to empower, encourage, inform and inspire. He never tells an audience what to do without telling them how to do it. Then he takes it one step further. He motivates people to want to do it and take action, Instant Conversion!  He has a unique ability to translate serious and powerful messages into incredibly entertaining and empowering experiences for audiences of every description.

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New Rules for Better Communication

This presentation is based on Nigel’s most recent book “It’s a Zoo Around Here!” and demonstrates how his simple, yet proven formula can positively influence others. Managers want to know how to maximize productivity and efficiency from their staff, salespeople need to build a better rapport with
customers, employees want to get along with their peers and managers. In this lively and interactive presentation, Nigel illustrates how to decipher personal style first, then identify the styles of others, and finally adjust personal behaviour to increase cooperation, relationships and profit.

Leadership Skills

Using lessons from his own very successful career as a business leader, Nigel believes managers maintain the status quo while leaders take their organisations to new heights. How does an organisation get the leadership it needs to thrive? The bad news is, few people are “natural born leaders.” That's why so many organisations suffer from lack of leadership.

How to Create IMPACT for you and your team

Nigel’s High Impact Leadership presentation explains the skills all leaders must develop to impact their people and organisations. But it doesn’t stop there. Nigel goes on to provide his practical, realistic blueprint for helping individuals develop the skills they need to take their performance to unbelievable new heights.

Change is Inevitable Growth is Optional

Times are changing faster and more dramatically than ever before - the technological revolution, global competition, more demanding customers, a tight job market that has turned some employees into “free agents.” Many companies have gone from distinction to extinction because of their inability to adapt, adjust and master change. Nigel reasons that change is not a force to be feared but an opportunity to be seized, and the choice is ours. His common sense message of ‘how to’s’ is designed to show what needs to be done, and how individuals, teams and entire organisations need to think in order to move forward successfully and with optimism.

The New Rules for Getting and Keeping Clients

Nigel focuses on how everyone in your organisation can become more customer-driven and less operations-driven, how to turn moments of misery into moments of magic for your customers, and how to create customer intimacy, retention and satisfaction that leads to customer loyalty.

Your lively and professional style made the event a great success and you are the first speaker we have had to score a perfect ten score from all who have attended.


The feedback that I have had has been awesome, your combination of humour passion and energy was an inspiration for the whole team and was the perfect climax to our managers' conference.

Body Shop

I have never seen a group so moved and motivated to change, you literally blew them away with your style and delivery. Your aim was to make just 1% DIFFERENCE in people’s lives, I think some had a 100%

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Many thanks for your outstanding presentations at the National Sales Awards Conference 2001. Once again delegates scored you 10 out of 10...your contribution was an important factor in the overall success of the conference.

The National Sales Awards


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t's A Zoo Around Here: The New Rules For Better Communication

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Nigel Risner 1

The Impact Code: Live the Life you Deserve

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Nigel Risner 1

You had me at hello: The new rules for better networking

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Nigel Risner 1

The Executive Diet

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Nigel Risner 1

Ten Heads Are Better Than One: The New Rules For Building And Using Teams To Realise Your Dreams

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