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Oliver Rees

Founder of OR/innovation

Oliver Rees is the founder of OR/innovation, a company that transforms the way that organisations understand and utilise disruptive technologies.

He has been coding since the age of twelve and worked at J.Walter Thompson (JWT London) helping brands like HSBC and the Army create digital experiences. He then went on to work at Decoded, where he was the Innovation Product Lead, designing global innovation initiatives for companies like Philips, ING and TalkTalk.

Educated at Westminster School and Cambridge University, where he read social and political sciences, Oliver has a passion for technology and believes that everyone can benefit from understanding and adopting disruptive mindsets. He has a particular interest in what is possible when technology and psychology are combined and strives to help people change their behavioural mindset.

As a speaker Oliver empowers and excites audiences by educating them on how to attract, enhance and engage talent in a digital age, demystifies tech concepts and stimulates discussions. He encourages businesses to ready themselves for a complete redefinition of their business model.

Oliver Rees builds digital confidence in individuals by removing the fear around technology and encouraging people to investigate and critique new digital ideas. This process results in the creation of more productive and valuable conversations within companies.

Oliver’s company, OR/innovation, develops products that help organisations flourish in a world of disruption. OR/innovation’s first product is Master Disruption, an iOS and Android app that helps business leaders understand & exploit disruptive technology in their industry.

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The New Innovators

An inspirational introduction to the mindsets that the most exciting companies in the world are using to create disruptive products. Learn how companies like Snapchat and GE, as well as a 13 year old developer from Serbia, innovate and move quickly. Case studies and stories will be used to explore the mindsets of these New Innovators, resulting in direct takeaways & lessons for your business. By looking at live data sets, visualisations and open platforms, this keynote will leave you with the tools and thinking to accelerate innovation within your own organisation.

Hacking: Where technology and psychology meet

As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, hackers are realising that the easiest way into organisations is through the minds of employees. Last year, 95% of data breaches begin with an employee being tricked. In order to do this, hackers are becoming psychologists, working out what they need to create to entice targets to click. Learn how they do this, and what you can do to stop them. This one hour keynote includes compelling case studies, stories and examples to illustrate the dangers and opportunities in today’s cyber landscape.

Conversational Marketing

For decades, the dream of every marketer has been to have intimate, personalised conversations with every customer their brand interacts with. Over the past few years, technologies have emerged that have made this dream a reality. A combination of artificial intelligence, chatbots and data profiling have allowed marketers to converse with consumers with a new level of relevance & effectiveness. But as well as the opportunities created by these new approaches, there are also significant pitfalls. Privacy, GDPR and decreasing consumer trust have meant that marketers of the future need to adopt new mindsets to ensure that they deploy conversational marketing technologies & techniques in the right way. This keynote will cover the mindsets, technologies and case studies that you need to understand to be able to truly take advantage of this new way of marketing.

Disruptive Mindsets

To keep pace with disruptive technologies you need to start thinking differently

Succeeding in a world of constant disruption isn't just about adopting new technologies. It's about adopting fundamentally new mindsets. This keynote will identify three disruptive mindsets that are being adopted by the most innovative companies in the world to drive growth and innovation (and they're not just the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon).

Case studies from start-ups, established companies and more will be used to explore the mindsets of these New Innovators - including how they hack together solutions at speed - resulting in direct takeaways & lessons for your business. The mindsets covered are:

• From Closed To Open
How are large companies mimicking startups by using open data, approaches and code to accelerate their business offering. It fuels collaboration but is there a danger of releasing too much? When is right to open up and when it is right to stay closed.

• From Controlling To Empowering
How can you move from a command and control model of talent engagement to a relationship based on trust and empowerment. How are the most innovative companies using this approach to turn potential competitors into collaborators?

• From Rigid To Flexible
How can you engage talent from all over the world, using a flexible approach to engage with people who would never normally consider collaborating with you. If the model of millennial talent is evolving how do you get the best/right talent to work for you?

Disruptive Technologies

Why are some technologies simply gimmicks while others are truly disruptive? This hour long immersive keynote will explores some of the key technologies that are disrupting the world. Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots and Virtual Reality are demystified and brought to life with tangible case studies, giving your business a strategic overview of the companies and individuals that are inventing technologies that are changing the world. Gain an understanding of these key technologies and become a thought leader in the area of disruptive technology.

The enthusiasm from Olly was contagious. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation - general feeling was we could have dispensed with everyone else and just had him. This has reaffirmed my hope for the future generation

CME Group

Olly was fantastic as ever. Really really good. A number of good questions from the audience after too which I think Olly enjoyed. ABN my client are over the moon. Really happy

CME Group

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