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Matt O’Neill (Futurist Matt) has spent over 15 years developing marketing and communications businesses. They include an innovative events company, cutting edge video marketing products and a marketing communications agency.

Some of them worked, others didn’t! But those 15 years saw a relentless march of technology, and deep societal changes in its wake.

Matt has always spotted trends and found practical ways to apply them to client challenges. But today that is no longer enough. Companies can no longer rely just on technical innovation. They must work harder to reach customers, attract employees and place bets on future strategies. A futurist is no longer a soothsayer looking into the misty distance but an essential contributor to tomorrow’s business success.

His approach is in itself the result of a trend which may now be familiar. Businesses are increasingly a collaboration with customers and the supply chain. In Germany and Japan, the companies built on family dynasties are dissolving. In the UK and US, companies which were once monoliths with ten year product cycles are racing to meet the demands of a public with plenty of choice.

Ventures are crowdfunded (think Kickstarter, or the success of microloans in developing nations). Marketers seek advice from their customers, either overtly (design your own jeans, mobile phone package or holiday) or covertly (all that browsing data you give away every day…) We are constantly finding new ways to collaborate and organise society and business.

And he’s certain that discovering the future is also a collaborative process. That is even more valid if we want to apply the distilled and impassive thinking of most research to real businesses: to your business. Unlike so many consultancies, He won’t present you with a 1000-page strategy document which will be left on the shelf while your business is left behind. We will create a roadmap together, based on the knowledge of my team and your colleagues. All this is supported by rich media, live events (remember he did those?), external speakers and dynamic tools, in a generous spirit of curiosity. This approach is more useful, and much more fun.

Matt O’Neill helps you make better decisions by understanding what’s just around the corner. He delivers tailored keynote speeches, presentations or immersive discussion sessions, always with the aim of leaving audiences with actionable ideas that they can take forward in their organisations.  Businesses today work at maximum efficiency. But that often means that management teams are forced to focus on the day job: fighting everyday fires or just getting ‘the day job’ done. Yet strategic success demands space and time to think beyond today. Matt offers the opportunity and creative material to think about the future.

10% of Matt’s speaker fees are donated to ‘My Mental Health Rocks‘, a fast growing charity working around the world to promote wellbeing, resilience and raising awareness of innate mental health in children.

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The post-lockdown world

The future is less predictable than it has ever been, because the COVID-19 pandemic connects health, political, consumer and market uncertainty. Forecasts include a collapse in customer demand, significant regulatory change and possibly draconian citizen controls, supply chain interruptions, unemployment and recession. Equally many see opportunity, from environmental improvements to new business segments supporting the 'new normal'.

Rational, forecasted implications for 3,6,12, and 24 months out from now.

The Virtual Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic saw businesses move millions of employees into home-working in a matter of days. So what does the future workplace look like? In the short term, social distancing will still apply; in the long term, some employees will not just continue to work from home, they will refashion their whole careers more flexibly. We look at healthcare, legislation, the impact of technologies (including the digital ethics of monitoring technologies) to give a rounded understanding of the future of the workplace.

A range of 'on the horizon' technologies and their applications across 6, 12 and 18 months.

The Future of Retail

Retail needs to evolve for the 21st century. Not a huge amount has changed since Sears pioneered the sector back in the 1890s. Technology will play its part in the reinvention, but new industries, Direct-To-Consumer Brands, the sustainability agenda and realising the true experience economy matter far more. Find out why this stuff matters and how you can grow your business.

Evolving Leadership

As the Global Legitimacy Crisis continues to grow in governments and media institutions, why and how are business leaders expected to step in? Also, why smart leaders are turning away from psychology towards spirituality as a means of progressing their self development.

Ethics and Innovation

AI, Spatial Computing, Synthetic Biology and many other technologies are outpacing our ability to regulate and legislate. What are digital ethics and how can we make them work for business and the wider society?

AI - What it is, What it's not!

Mythbusting and getting pragmatic. Are we entering a new epoch or is it just an evolution of the steam engine?

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Working with you was a joy. We briefed you carefully about our intended audience's likely concerns which you carefully integrated into a draft presentation. You were happy to fine tune and adapt to ensure that we were completely satisfied. The three chosen themes could have all been the subject of a full day in their own right, but you managed to encapsulate the key issues in a lucid and fascinating 30 minutes. Your visuals were excellent, enhancing what we heard. You're a fluent and thoughtful speaker. who went the extra mile to do a great job. It is rare to find a keynote speaker so willing to listen and adapt to our needs. Our audience, tired at the end of a long congress, found you thought-provoking and engaging. Your passion for your subject shines through and I believe you'd do a fantastic job speaking for any organisation who wanted to hear about future trends and technology.

Association of Association Executives

We engaged Matt for our leadership conference and it was a great experience and success. Matt worked collaboratively with us taking time to understand what we want to get out of the event, and then brought with him his knowledge, wisdom and experience to create a session that was inspiring and thought provoking. He pushed the limits of some of our attendees’ minds with ideas that have since created conversation and debate – something which was a key part of the brief. He even visited one of projects before the event to gain some specific examples relevant to our audience.

Morgan Sindall

Your presentation had people talking for days. Your insights into the Future of Work were invaluable as was the interactive and insightful discussion. We look forward to inviting you back again.

Macquarie Corporate Bank

Matt has a keen eye on what’s next. This came through clearly in his thought-provoking presentation to the IABC UK Future Fit Communications conference. As the conference chair I would also like to add that Matt was easy to work with.


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