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The Pitch Doctor

Paul Boross is “The Pitch Doctor” specialising in the “art and science” of corporate communication.  Paul is a passionate believer in the redemptive power of communication and his aim is to give you the skills to win and the confidence to dare to. He has worked with the leaders and sales teams of organisations such as ARM, Google, the BBC, the Financial Times, RBS and JP Morgan. In all cases, he works with the executives and top client facing teams to create that narrow margin, that edge that makes the difference in an increasingly competitive world.

With a career that features prime time TV, including seven series as on-screen motivational psychologist on Sky’s hit series, The School of Hard Knocks, presenter of BBC2’s Speed Up Slow Down and a stint as a stand-up comic, Paul has the experience, humour and credibility to work with any media or audience.

Paul’s early career as a musician and comedian – he led the chart-topping Morris Minor & The Majors and partnered Ainsley Harriott in the Calypso Twins – took him on a journey from the Comedy Store, via Top Of The Pops, to the London Palladium and Carnegie Hall. However, tiring of life on the road and with a college background in psychology, he sought out the most cutting-edge areas of transformational psychology, studying for several years to become a Society of NLP Master Trainer and gaining a Diploma in coaching.  He then spent two years training doctors at Guys, King’s and St. Thomas’s (Europe’s largest teaching hospital) in the art and science of communication.

Paul Boross is also founder and managing director of training company BIG SKY and music-production studios MB Productions.

He has authored four books; The Pitching Bible, The Pocket Pitching Bible and Pitch Up!, as well as Leader on the Pitch, co-authored with rugby legend Scott Quinnell.

As an authority in communications, presentation, performance and pitching skills, Paul Boross has coached and developed a countless leading media business people, politicians and performers in the art and science of ‘getting the message across’. He is also an in-demand keynote speaker and performance coach who delivers inspirational and humorous speeches for businesses, media companies and conferences all over the world. Combining psychological insight with presentation skills and a dose of commercial instinct, Paul will not only entertain you but will also show you how to present yourself, your company and/or your product to optimal effect.

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Loud and Clear - Communicating Professionally

As markets become more competitive and technologies accelerate, professional impact becomes more and more critical in any business. Getting your message across isn’t about shouting louder, it’s about getting inside the mind of your clients and communicating right to the heart of what they want and need.

The Seven Secrets of a Successful Pitch

Based on Paul Boross’ best selling book The Pitching Bible, this keynote shares the most important and valuable secrets that will elevate your pitch from average to outstanding. And when your competitors are all trying to shout louder, outstanding is all you need.

Soft Skills, Hard Rain

Rainmakers are key to the success of any professional business - people who don’t just go out looking for business, they create it where no-one else would think to look. Rainmakers don’t use magic or witchcraft, they use a set of skills that you can develop. Whilst you might call them ‘soft skills’, the results you’ll get will be solid.

Leading High Performing Teams

As business culture become ever more demanding and teams are asked to deliver against increasingly ambitious targets, they key to driving performance becomes, not technology and processes but the ability of leaders to inspire. Paul Boross’ expertise lies in helping you to create your own leadership path by identifying the qualities that make your team choose to follow you. By focusing on and refining those qualities, you will develop your skills as an authentic leader.

Can You Hear Me At the Back?

Are you finding that you are getting the right opportunities to pitch, but your conversion rates are low? Clients say, “Thanks for your time”, but select another supplier. Are you certain your clients are really listening to you? Or is it possible that your most important message is getting lost amongst everything you’re trying to say? Learn how to cut through the noise and reach the people who matter most.

Beyond Win-Win

Negotiation is no longer about ‘getting one over on the other guy’, and the rise of instant communication and social media means that your reputation quickly precedes you. Today, the best negotiators aren’t looking for deals, they’re looking for relationships that create more for everyone involved. Discover how you can build winning relationships to drive your business success.

Paul is a fantastic pitch doctor, he has the ability to synthesise and communicate the essence of a good pitch in a really clear, memorable way, obtaining excellent results. The Pitching Bible is great, as it brings Paul's talent to new heights, enabling him to reach and help a wider audience through these seven secrets.


Paul has built and delivered excellent NLP/Emotional Intelligence programmes to many people at Google (both teams and individuals) with great aplomb. He is very well respected for his domain expertise and brings a fun learning experience.


The Pitch Doctor has tremendously good networking skills and a natural creative instinct. He sees potential where others don't. His professional skills and his amicable personality make him an inspirational coach and motivational speaker.

Sue Ryder Management

Thank you so much from the Virgin Unite crew. You were amazing, inspiring and brilliant! Paul Boross = Inspirational

Virgin Unite


Paul Boross 5

The Pitch Bible

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Paul Boross 5

The Pocket Pitching Bible

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Paul Boross 5

Leader on the Pitch

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Pitch Up

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