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Penny Mallory

Penny Mallory

Former Rally Champion, Speaker, Presenter, Performance Coach

Penny Mallory is one of the most successful women Rally Drivers and the first woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car (the Formula 1 of Rallying). As a motoring expert, she has presented many high profile TV shows including the hugely successful Channel 4 show ‘Driven’, ‘World Rally Championship’, ‘The Used Car Roadshow’, ‘Accident Blackspots’, Discovery’s ‘Classic Car Club’, ‘GMTV’ and ‘The Road Show’ amongst many others.

Listen to Penny Mallory’s podcast to learn more about her here

As a Keynote speaker, Conference speaker and Motivational speaker, Penny has an outstanding reputation, and has worked with many blue chip clients including Coca-Cola, Waitrose, Tesco, Telefonica, Klesch, Sony, Volkswagen, HPI, Jaguar, BMW, Honda, Metsec, Audi, Proctor & Gamble, Airbus, AutoGlass, P&O, Ford and many more.

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She consults as a Performance Coach and consults with large organisations, world class teams, (including Formula 1) and individuals on their attitude, approach and mental performance. Penny also hosts workshops focusing on mental approach, team work, communication and performance.

Penny Mallory has an excellent reputation for inspiring people, through speeches, break-out sessions, workshops and her consultancy is in great demand across the UK and Europe.

As a sought-after Motivational Speaker, Penny shares the ups and downs of her story from ‘homeless waster’ to ‘Rally Champion’, inspiring audiences to achieve greater things for themselves. Despite being told she was the ‘wrong sex’ and ‘too old’, she achieved her life long dream of being a Rally Driver. Her unique and inspirational story shows there is no limit to what you can achieve with will determination, focus and commitment.

The story started when Penny was just fourteen. Leaving home and never to return, she found herself in London, seeking a better life, but spent nearly 2 years in homeless hostels. As Penny’s life was by now completely out of control, she realised that she alone could take control of her life. A chance event allowed her to realise a childhood dream of driving a rally car and she was hooked. Penny went on to become the First woman in the World to compete in a World Rally car. She made the impossible possible.

Penny Mallory takes her physical fitness very seriously and has completed 4 marathons, various hell runners and Triathlons. She has entered the boxing ring for two fights, one opponent being Monica Galetti from Master Chef. She has also learnt to play polo and completed a successful ascent in 2008 of the tough North face of Europe’s highest mountain, Mount Elbrus, and more recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro.

Her second book ‘World Class Thinking World Class Behaviour’ is a powerful guide for everyone interested in upping their game in every aspect of their life. Penny Mallory dispels the myth that elite performers are ‘special’ and that you possess all the qualities you need to be at the top of your game; you just haven’t discovered them yet.

Penny is a descendant of George Mallory, believed to be the first man to conqueror Everest. She is a Master Practitioner in CBT and holds Diplomas in Sports Psychology, Counselling, NLP, Life Coaching and practices as a Performance Coach. She is also the founder of the weight loss product, Malory Band, which has sold like hot cakes around the world.

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To view Penny’s Masterclass: World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviours

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"Probably the most efficient and organised team of all the speaker bureaus...and the loveliest too!" Penny

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Take Control

To thrive in today’s business world, you can’t afford to be anything other than your best – knowing what you want to do and where you want to go with a great sense of clarity, purpose and extreme determination. You need to be in total control. But how can you achieve this? What makes some individuals brilliant and others just ordinary? The good news is that taking control is entirely a choice, and this session shows you how.  

Create a Winning Mindset

This session will help you to discover how your own success lies in your thinking, attitude and behaviour As Sven-Göran Eriksson once said “…in the end it’s that psychological difference that decides whether you win or lose.” By using the building blocks of a winning mindset, you can start to unlock your full potential, and enjoy the success you see in others. Everyone can have a winning mindset – including you!

World Class Thinking: World Class Behaviour

To thrive in today’s business world, you can’t afford to be anything less than World Class at what you do. Penny draws on her experience as a world class driver and recalls how one’s mindset is vital for success. She expounds the importance of building and developing a team with one clear aim: combining and compounding individual talents to reach the ultimate goal of a world class performance.  

Communicate with impact. How to ignite, influence and inspire the people around you

Rightly or wrongly, we make judgments about others in about 20 seconds. Whether you’re coaching graduates, developing a team to be more effective or delivering a speech to the Board, you can’t afford to be anything less than brilliant. The session will address how you build rapport, increase trust, and understand body language, all of which will contribute to delivering engaging content that sticks.

Performance Coach

As an experienced Performance Coach, Penny works with people whose performance matters. She inspires a winning attitude. Areas covered include: Identifying and planning for specific goals; Managing a team effectively for maximum results; Competing in the present; Removing Performance blocks; Motivation, confidence and self belief; Concentration/attentional focus and Positive psychology.

After Dinner Speech

A light hearted delve in the world of Penny’s experiences, driving, motoring and the inevitable man/woman driving gags. Do not book Penny for an After Dinner speech if your audience isn’t up for 30 minutes that is teetering on the edge of decency!

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Penny wowed our Coca Cola team. She inspired everyone, and cleverly weaved together personal anecdotes with live feedback from the audience. She made a real difference to our event. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Penny for any corporate event.

Coca Cola Enterprises

I have heard only high praise from all our members for your speech at our Annual Dinner – it struck chords with many in the room, in particular your drive to achieve your goals. We felt that you judged the audience extremely well and held them spell-bound.


You are great speaker and...the feedback this morning has included "top speaker", "a really interesting woman" and "she nailed it!" You certainly made me think of a few things I need to do both in terms of the inspection but also outside of the day job as well! You ended up speaking to over 250 people and you really made an impact.

H & F Homes

Penny was excellent! A joy to work with. Her presentation was extremely motivational and was given excellent feedback by all the attendees. She is extremely professional and takes the time to get the script just right

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Penny Mallory

World Class Thinking World Class Behaviour

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Penny Mallory

Take Control of Your Life

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