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Phil M Jones

Author of best-selling "Exactly" Book Series and Youngest Winner of the British Excellence in Sales

Phil M Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it is to “sell”, and help your audiences to learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears, and instantaneously impact bottom line results.

But he’s by no means your typical sales speaker. Phil’s famous for not just talking about the strategies, but showing his audiences “Exactly” how to use them. By teaching the precise word choices to increase influence and persuasion, audiences walk away with a new perception of sales, understanding “Exactly What To Say” and with an insatiable hunger to put their new learnings into action.

His early career saw rapid success as he worked with a host of Premier League Soccer Clubs to help them agree on sponsorships and licensing agreements, to then being a key part of growing a 240m property business.

In 2008, after several years of being one of the most in-demand young sales leaders in the UK, Phil decided it was time to make his own mark on the world. He took everything he had learnt about selling and sales from his previous roles, and created a one-day workshop, where he trained over 2,500 people before eventually licensing his training to the UK, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

As Phil M Jones plunged deeper and deeper into the world of sales training, and worked with more and more organisations to improve their results – he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the style of information that the marketplace was glorifying. Since then, Phil has been using his online platform, his books and his speeches to bring both simplicity and integrity to a world that is often full of big egos and even bigger lies – helping thousands understand that “selling” is not a dirty word.

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Everybody Sells – Sales Skills for Non-Sales Professionals

This content rich presentation draws from Phil’s personal experience and the experience of the thousands of people he has worked with. It delivers a comprehensive, yet entertaining training from the stage that empowers almost everybody to sell more effectively. Learn from the time-tested methods that are designed to attract and keep more customers. No matter what you are selling (yourself, your product, or your services) this performance is certain to provide you actionable strategies to deliver more of the sales results you are looking for.


The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Quite often, the difference between success and failure in business can be pinpointed to the compounded impact of your conversations. Words matter and understanding how you can use language to control a conversation is certain to provide you a fair advantage in your challenging marketplace.


How To Get Almost Anyone to do Almost Anything (including yourself)

People are full of potential and all too often find themselves and others failing to achieve what they are capable of. By understanding what truly drives the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours of people, your ability to influence becomes heightened and the results that follow can be mesmerising. In this presentation, Phil lifts the lid on the secrets of motivation and helps you to tap into the precise ingredients that fuel peak performance in yourself and others.


Thinking Big – If you are not convinced then you cannot convince

Standing in the way of success for most people are the self-sabotaging conversations they are having with themselves that create their limiting beliefs and result in success being something that only “other people” experience. Attendees of this powerful presentation benefit from witnessing Phil deliver live coaching to the entire audience that reframes their thoughts, destroys their limiting beliefs and helps them realise a new reality in which possible becomes true to them and they are inspired to reach a new height for themselves and their business.


Success principles from a 14-year-old Businessman

From humble beginnings to now having achieved a set of very enviable life achievements. There is no secret to these achievements and throughout this presentation you learn Phil’s hard-work success story from washing cars as a teenager through his corporate successes to the global empire he has built today. But most importantly, this presentation shares far more than just his story. You are set to learn the powerful lessons he picked up along the way and how these lessons can be applied to heighten the success of your participants, take personal responsibility for their current situation and step into the version of themselves that they would be truly proud of.


Exactly Where to Start – And what to do next to make your ideas reality

Ideas are wonderful, but far too many fail to become reality as people have no idea where to start and more importantly, what to do next. Having launched literally thousands of initiatives and created something out of nothing more times than most have even tried, Phil is perfectly positioned to help your audience know exactly what it takes to make something happen.

We have organised two seminars for retail professionals with Phil Jones this year - one in Skopje, Macedonia and one in Belgrade, Serbia. He has never failed to impress the audience with his interesting presentation style, vivid examples and case studies and instant motivation to everybody in the room!

Smart Events

When it comes to demonstrating value to customers, driving a better overall customer experience and creating more business opportunities, there is no one that delivers the message better. His trainings continue to help us create the best customer consultative experience. I am truly grateful for his partnership with Beltone and want to thank him for everything he has done for our organisation.



Phil M Jones 4

Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

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Phil M Jones 4

Exactly How to Sell: The Sales Guide for Non-Sales Professionals

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