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R. Michael Anderson - How to show up as a Leader

R.Michael Anderson

The Technology Leadership Insider

R. Michael Anderson has a striking combination that makes his presentations so powerful for leaders – he has the real-life business success of founding, scaling and exiting three software companies, plus the educational background of a Masters Degree in Psychology.

This combination gives him the unique ability to connect to other leaders as a peer, then teaches evidence-based leadership skills that genuinely drives behaviour and performance.

It’s the reason that Stanford University brings him into work with their start-up ecosystem, PwC has him work with their high growth CEO’s, and companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Uber bring him to level up their managers and executives.

To learn more about Michael, listen to his podcast here

Michael shares how his Californian companies landed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing US companies, created a culture so strong that they won the #1 Best Place to work, and Michael himself was honoured as the Social Entrepreneur of the year. In 2005 he held the office of President of the Board of Directors for a chapter of Conscious Capitalism, an international organisation dedicated to elevating humanity through business.

A gifted storyteller who shares his failures as much as his successes, the terms “vulnerable”, “authentic”, and “powerful” are often used to describe his presentations.

With his background in psychology and neuroscience, he transforms managers into true leaders with high-performing teams in high-growth companies. He’s written two best-selling business leadership books, contributes to Entrepreneur.com, and is a former radio-show host.

A former professional basketball player, the 6’8” Michael is hard to miss.

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Leading Through Uncertainty - How we managed to double revenue, profit, and market share during the Great Recession

Let’s be honest; there’s a lot of negativity out there in the world right now. England is making it as difficult as possible to leave Europe; climate change is making me wonder if I should invest in a submarine, and…well…Trump. The thing is, in every recession or downturn, there are those businesses which come out of it even stronger than when they went in. Learn the system Michael used to double the revenue and profit of his Californian software company over the Great Recession (2007 to 2009), and how you can apply these to your organisation.

From Clueless Code Monkey to Inc. 5000 CEO

This keynote is a “leadership career hack” – it’s everything Michael wishes he knew at the beginning of his journey, and teaches you the three essential secrets you need to know to become the type of influential leader who drives long-term growth and builds disruptive companies.

Insider Secrets of Scaling Up - The 5-Step System that Catapulted us onto the Inc. 5000 List

Do you have a vision and desire to succeed that includes significant business growth? Do you have a system that will absolutely get you there?This session teaches the five key steps to turn you into a confident leader who can drive your business to rapid, sustainable growth.

The Leadership of Innovation - How I use Leadership and Psychology to Kick-Start Growth and Reveals Hidden Profits

No matter how many systems and initiatives you have for innovation, you won’t move one inch without an innovative mindset. And that mindset all starts in one place – your leadership. In today’s world, if you’re not innovating, you’re dead. Business waits for no one. If you want to out-do the competition and lead the market, you need to become an inspired leader.

Profiting on Happiness - How we scaled in a stagnant industry while getting voted the #1 Best Place to Work

Imagine “having it all” – achieving even more business success at work, all while reducing stress, spending less hours working, and living a balanced, fulfilled life. Sound impossible? Well it’s not…any more. Michael will teach you easy-to-learn tools based on psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness, tailored to immediately help any businessperson’s everyday life.

5 Steps to becoming an Inspiring, Influential, Highly Effective Leader

Making the switch from technical wizard to inspiring leader is the most crucial, yet most difficult transitions one can make in their career. Michael knows - he went from a IT technician and entry-level coder to founding, scaling, and selling three Enterprise Software companies in California. It wasn't easy and he went through a lot of difficult times. Now he teaches others how to make the same transition.

Michael shared his Leadership secrets to scaling a company to both PwC's Scale and Raise cohorts. His workshops were engaging and highly relateable to the founders that are going through many of the challenges that Michael experienced building his own businesses. It's very valuable for the founders to hear from someone who has been in their shoes and helping them tackle their most burning issues.


Michael recently spoke at an event we produced for Scotland’s technology leaders. People found him to be an incredibly inspiring and motivational speaker, and we thought he shared some really constructive personal reflections and guidance around developing as a leader. We have had him involved before so had set the expectation benchmark pretty high, but he didn’t disappoint and it was a pleasure to have him back.


I took part in inspirational and amazing Life Mastery Program held by Michael. It was profounding, it revived my self-confidence and inner strength and I feel that I've been enriched with gained tools which will help me to strive. Lesson I compiled is that almost everything in life is a game. Sometimes you win sometimes you loose and it is possible to restart it or play another one. Play the life!

VIVA Info d.o.o

Michael gave a keynote speech during a Croatia Uber team event in December of 2016. He was talking to a group of high-performers that started to feel the weight of too many stressful days, nights in the office, and constant uncertainty while running flat out for months. He gave a number of personal stories, often spiced up with humour when touching on each topic. That also allowed the audience to personally connect to each situation and remember them going forward. Michael managed, only within one hour, to relax, energise and pump up the team to go head on into new challenges.



R. Michael Anderson - How to show up as a Leader

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R. Michael Anderson - How to show up as a Leader

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R. Michael Anderson - How to show up as a Leader

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