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Rikki Arundel

Gender and LGBTQ+ Speaker

Rikki Arundel is a keynote speaker, diversity trainer and coach with considerable expertise in LGBTQ+, and especially transgender issues. The founder of the UK Professional Speaking Association, her successful career as an international sales and technology speaker ended abruptly when, in 2002, she changed gender. Facing considerable discrimination, she was compelled to completely change her field of expertise.

She enrolled at the University of Hull where she completed an MSc in Gender Research and became engaged in LGBTQ+ politics, speaking regularly at universities around the UK. On leaving university, Rikki founded, and became CEO of, a social enterprise providing support for trans people and training and consultancy on equalities, particularly transgender awareness, to employers throughout the public, private and voluntary sectors. At the same time she became very active in local and regional community leadership, serving as a representative, board director or trustee for a variety of charities, local government bodies and government committees, and contributing to the development of the UK Equalities Act 2010.

Following the sharp increase in trans and non binary media attention in 2015, as a result of a number of celebrities changing gender, Rikki has refocused her attention on delivering keynote presentations and workshops on Gender and LGBTQ+ issues, including two TEDx talks. She works extensively throughout the public, private and voluntary sectors with a diverse range of clients including government and local authorities, housing associations, criminal justice bodies, emergency services, NHS trusts, schools, colleges and universities, charities and social enterprises and a variety of private sector organisations.

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Rethinking Sex and Gender

This highly engaging and entertaining presentation will help everyone to better understand and engage with trans and gender non conforming people and create a more diverse and inclusive, and therefore more profitable, work environment for everyone.

Extraordinary Moments

This inspirational keynote explores the importance and impact the single moments in time that most transform our life's journeys.

What’s Your Story

The primary goal of any speech or presentation is, in some small way, to change the behaviour of the audience. But to do that the audience must understand the message and take action. Drawing on her experience as a storyteller and training as an actor, Rikki Arundel will demonstrate how stories enable every speaker to achieve these objectives.


What are the secrets to a great presentation? Passion, Experience, Purpose and Performance. In this interactive and fun presentation the audience will learn and experience these secrets to creating and delivering an outstanding speech.

Getting The Audience Engaged

The success of a meeting often lies in the level of audience engagement during the presentation - The more the audience engages with the speaker and the content, the more memorable the presentation. In this very interactive presentation Rikki explores 10 different ways to engage the audience during a presentation and the importance of getting the room right for the presentation.

LGBTQ - A colourful history

From 1533 to 1967 - Homosexuality was illegal in the UK - and much of the world today is still suffering the consequences of that. This entertaining keynote, packed with stories, many of which have now recently come to light, explores the colourful history of the Lesbian, Gay Bi and Trans people throughout the world.

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