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Rob Lilwall

Adventurer and Motivational Speaker

Rob Lilwall is an adventurer, author, and keynote speaker with expeditions by bicycle and on foot across 80,000km of the world, including through Siberia in winter, Afghanistan, Tibet, Papua New Guinea and Mongolia.

Rob Lilwall’s speeches tell the tale of how, as a very ordinary person, he learnt to camp at minus forty degrees in Siberia, to cross swollen rivers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, and to survive the lonely passes of Afghanistan whilst riding the world’s slowest getaway vehicle. Using stunning photographs and videos, Rob relates such ordeals in the extreme corners of the world to the ever-growing challenges of the 21st century workplace.  He brings to life the mindsets that are needed to succeed in today’s uncertain, high-pressure and high-opportunity business environment, with powerful takeaways to empower the audience to thrive amid change, embrace challenges, and achieve great goals. Rob has given speeches in over 50 cities around the world, to organisations including Microsoft, Symantec, Gemalto, IBM, CBRE, Nike, Adidas, P&G, Mars-Wrigley, Hyatt and Marriott.

Rob’s story has also been told in a critically acclaimed book published by Hodder and Stoughton (UK) and two television series’ by National Geographic.

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A Courageous Mindset

Fear is a powerful emotion that can energise in helpful ways, or hijack us in unhelpful ways as it instinctively generates a fight, flight or freeze response. Rob reflects on his own battle with fear and efforts to learn courage, illustrating how we can either overcome them or at least harness them to good effect. Rob also considers risk-taking, and how in a world of rapid change, taking no risks is not an option. Rather, we must learn to assess which risks to take and find the courage to take them.

A Growth Mindset

Business leaders and psychologists alike are hailing the concept of a Growth Mindset – the belief that through embracing challenge, deliberate practice and gritty persistence we can improve our abilities and skills. The Growth Mindset has also been at the heart of Rob’s adventures. In his speeches, he brings the concept to life, challenging the limiting beliefs of the audience so they come to believe that they can grow, especially when times are tough.

A Collaborative Mindset

Although Rob is often alone on his expeditions, he can never make it on his own. He has to seek boat passages across seas, guides through jungles, and places to stay on remote mountain passes. Rob explains the powerful applications of a collaborative mindset for the corporate world, whether it be in networking for sales, working as a team to achieve a great goal, or seeking wise advice from coaches and mentors.

A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset makes us more creative, resilient and, ultimately, successful. Like all our mindsets, how positive we are is not fixed, but rather it is something we can train and grow. Rob reflects on how we can reframe seemingly difficult scenarios, and how with the right habits and strategies, both us and our teams can become more positive.

A Resilient Mindset

Resilience is the ability to endure through and bounce back from a tough experience, instead of burning out or giving up. Resilience is not fixed, but rather can be cultivated and enhanced through ongoing development and the intentional use of specific tools. Using personal and vulnerable stories Rob unpacks the importance of self-care, self-efficacy, focus, and meaningful goals.

Rob’s story is inspiring, his style engaging and his sharing/learnings applicable and practical. It was a real pleasure to have Rob as our motivational speaker at our recent company conference. His spirit of adventure permeates both in personal and business contexts. I highly recommend Rob’s story of provocation to all who’s game for mindset and cultural change.


We invited Rob to give a keynote speech at our WM Leadership conference and his inspiring, humorous and highly engaging talk detailing his cycling journey home from Siberia resonated strongly with all of us. His ability to intertwine themes that are so important to thrive in the corporate world be they a growth mindset, perseverance, focus, partnership, balanced risk were very resonant. I would highly recommend Rob and would hope that we are able to work with him again in the future.

Deutsche Bank

Rob Lilwall's journey is amazing. His story is a great way for organisations to deliver a unique way of thinking, focusing on the growth mindset, the importance of clear goals, self-focus, reflection, perseverance, connections, risk-taking and problem solving.


Rob spoke for 300 audience, with absolutely fascinating impact! He's such a great speaker, very interactive, humorous, and most of all, inspiring. Rob's talk has nicely enhanced our new behaviours - Creativity, Confidence, Collaboration. Extremely impressed and enjoyable session to all of us.



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Cycling Home from Siberia

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Walking Home from Mongolia

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