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Robert Mazur

U.S. Customs special agent who led one of the most successful undercover operations in U.S. law enforcement history

Robert Mazur has earned global acclaim as one of the world’s leading experts on the financial escapades of the underworld.  There is no one with more first-hand knowledge about how international banks and businesses cater to those who own the nearly $2 trillion in criminal proceeds laundered annually.

For years, in the eyes of organised crime leaders he was a highly successful mob connected money launderer that helped manage their illicit fortunes.  His clients, some of the most famous and deadly drug cartel bosses, offered a $1/2 million price tag for his head when arrests were made around the world and he was revealed to be a highly-trained U.S. federal undercover agent.  Robert’s 30 years of unparalleled experience as an undercover US federal agent with the Colombian crime cartels enables him to deliver a “one of a kind” inspiring message that can strengthen institutional policies and procedures, motivate key compliance employees, reduce potential corporate and senior management liability, and arms personnel with rare knowledge to improve their ability to identify and manage risk.

To learn more about Robert, listen to his podcast here

Robert Mazur is the only person in the world that, as a long-term undercover agent, got inside this circle to such an extent that it led to his recording hundreds of conversations that formed the foundation for the conviction and imprisonment of more than 50 money launderers, including many senior bank officials. Those officials included board members, and even the President of a bank that had a presence in 72 countries. After their conviction and imprisonment, he also led a team that debriefed some of these senior executives for months at a time. With seized records taken from the bank’s branches around the world pursuant to search warrants, he confirmed the truthfulness of the facts told to him by the jailed bankers. Everything was verified.

After completing a highly decorated 27-year career as a federal agent in 3 U.S. agencies, Robert is now the President of KYC Solutions, Inc., a firm that provides speaking, expert witness and consulting services to companies worldwide.

Robert Mazur is certified in both U.S. and Canadian courts as an expert in money laundering.  His articles have been published by many journals and media outlets, including the NY Times.  He is a contributor to money laundering related programming that has aired on PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Univision, BBC, and other major networks.  He has been a guest on more than 1,500 radio and television shows during the past several years.

He is the author of “The Infiltrator”, a memoir about his undercover life, much of which was spent acting as a conduit between ruthless drug barons and corrupt legitimate appearing senior executives that cleaned billions in blood stained money through otherwise respectable international banks and businesses.

‘The Infiltrator’, a major motion picture based on Robert Mazur’s undercover life as a money launderer, starring Bryan Cranston, was internationally released during 2016.

Robert Mazur has transformed his underworld experience and current day involvement in the money laundering field into a remarkable lesson for today’s business sector.  He shares unique insights about how to build a team to identify and manage the type of risk that could otherwise inflict costly reputation loss for institutions, like those that have in recent years entered into Deferred Prosecution Agreements or otherwise been prosecuted for criminal offences in connection with their movement of tainted funds.  His presentations take his audiences to ground zero, the heart of money laundering risk. He shares the secrets he learned from the world’s most notoriously corrupt members of the financial markets.

Robert Mazur delivers several different types of compelling presentations. In his standard keynote, he explains his amazing life in the underworld as a money launderer for Colombian cartels, as well as the techniques used by the most sophisticated money launderers in the world then, and today.

For audiences looking for more in-depth details about specific methods of laundering and detecting money laundering threat, Robert provides varying lengths of masterclasses that dissect documents and chart the path of dirty money through methods only generally referenced by most money laundering experts.

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Identifying & Managing Compliance & Fraud Risk

Identifying and eliminating risk is an art that can save financial institutions and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars otherwise needed to satisfy fines, pay forfeitures, and rebuild reputation. Robert’s presentation helps well intended compliance professionals, fraud investigators, regulators and law enforcement agencies identify the types of businesses, products, transactions and geographic areas that carry the most significant money laundering and compliance risk. With a combination of insight gained from years of operating undercover as a sophisticated money launderer and endless time spent studying the most significant current cases, he arms his audiences with practical knowledge about how they can eliminate costly mistakes that could otherwise destroy their companies and individual careers.

Building Team Success

Mazur shares insights about his transformation from cop to apparent underworld figure. He underscores the unique value of being a key member of a team that embraces common goals and jointly dedicates themselves to achieving what is otherwise thought to be “the impossible”. Mazur’s success speaks to the role of “the difference maker” as being an inspired member of a talented goal oriented group of professionals who collectively embrace a core belief.

The Future of Money

Are cryptocurrencies the future of money? Many bigger banks are weighing the development of their own cryptocurrencies and conducting transactions in cryptocurrency. Why will central banks and tax authorities look to enter the crypto arena? How do cryptocurrencies become more valuable to criminals through the world of hacking, white collar fraud and dark web transactions. A fascinating insight into the connection between the future of money and the criminal world.

The Arts of Persuasion & Negotiation - The Pillars of Success

Building rapport, gaining trust, and earning credibility are critical elements to the success of your professional and personal lives. There are very distinct steps we can all take to improve our ability to establish solid and positive bonds with our bosses, employees, peers and clients. After all, no matter where you go or what you do, people are people. How well you project yourself and your ability to assess others is fundamental to your prevailing in all aspects of life.

Robert Mazur shares the secrets of persuading and negotiating. He identifies the insights he honed from psychologists and others when he was trained to become a highly successful undercover agent. His mastering of these skills is evident from his NY Times bestselling book, The Infiltrator, about his many years living within the underworld as a highly sophisticated money launderer for some of the world’s most ruthless criminals, including Pablo Escobar. His survival within the underworld, convincing drug traffickers, terrorists and corrupt bankers that he was one of them, speaks volumes.

Robert transformed that skill to the private sector when, after leaving government service, he built an investigative and consulting business that provided critical assistance to hundreds of banks, corporations, law firms, and individuals around the globe that, in many instances, put their futures in his hands and the hands of his highly trained staff that consisted of former FBI, DEA, US Customs, IRS, and local law enforcement officers.

Robert explains the steps one needs to take to:
• Identify the most critical issues about others
• Learn how to interpret verbal and nonverbal cues
• Properly develop a macro and micro operational plan to succeed in relationship building
• Find answers with silence and active listening
• Earn trust and credibility
• Learn the power of passive reinforcements
• Discover how to neutralize those intent on obstructing your success
• Exploit the power of an unwitting source
• Naturally train yourself to be the best “you”

"Infiltrator" Story

Finance and Banking Industry

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……………..survey responses were excellent across the board. They loved you and many told us it was the best thing at ACAMS. We are over 40% for the response rate for completion and 96% of them said the content was “highly valuable & insightful”; no one said it was little to no value.

Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

This event turned out to be the highlight of the ACAMS Conference. The majority of the ACAMS sessions provided general overviews, common practices, and general Insights. This class provided specific instances, focused on the case study Robert Mazur provided as well as techniques he used on to his looking forward approach to what will attract
High-level money launderers.

ACAMS Attendee

Knowledgeable and entertaining, Mazur captivated our audience with his inside take
on money laundering and the know-your-client process. Many said he was the star of the week and a colleague who has attended every CLSA Forum since 1994 thought him the most impressive presenter we had ever hosted. A consummate professional, formidable presenter and respectful guest, Mazur is detail-oriented in content, delivery and logistics. He scores 10 out of 10 in my book.

CLSA Forum


Robert Mazur 1

The Infiltrator

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