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Rohit Talwar

Award Winning Global Futurist 

Rohit Talwar is a global futurist, award-winning motivational speaker, strategic advisor, author, entrepreneur, and the CEO of Fast Future. He delivers keynote speeches, executive education, consultancy, research, and future-focused leadership mentoring to clients internationally. He works with major corporations, business schools, governments, professional services, investors, associations, and NGOs to help them anticipate, prepare for and create the future. He has delivered over 1500 keynote speeches and executive workshops in 70+ countries on six continents.

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Rohit Talwar leads Fast Future Publishing – delivering a series of multi-contributor books exploring the emerging future. He is the co-author of Designing Your Future, lead editor and a contributing author for The Future of Business, and editor of Technology vs. Humanity. He is also a co-editor and contributor for the recently published Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, and three forthcoming books – Future Transformations – Reimagining Life, Society, and Business, Unleashing Human Potential – The Future of AI in Business, and 50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years. Rohit is the author of two previous books: Achieving Transformation and Renewal in Financial Services and his latest book, Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity.

Rohit Talwar’s primary objective is to support clients in exploring and shaping the emerging future –  putting people at the centre of the agenda. He helps clients understand the key future factors driving innovation, growth and disruptive change. Rohit highlights the new thinking and business models being enabled by exponential technologies such as AI, blockchain, and hyperconnectivity and uses case studies to demonstrate how firms across sectors are reinventing themselves in the era of smart machines. He then explores the mindset shifts and leadership capabilities required to compete in the emerging future. Finally, he demonstrates how to harness the next waves of innovation to unleash human potential and ensure a very human future for our organisations..

Rohit contributes regularly on futures and innovation topics to TV, news media, books and journals. He has been interviewed, profiled and quoted on 1000’s of occasions by TV, print and media channels in more than 40 countries around the world. These include the BBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, Sky, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and The Times. He is the subject of documentaries in several countries including Korea, Finland, Brazil, India and Pakistan and is a major contributor to a forthcoming US feature on the concept of creating a new country.

In his presentations, Rohit Talwar focuses on helping audiences make sense of and respond to a constantly changing reality and a hyper-connected world. He provides clients with critical insights into how to respond to the forces and ideas shaping the future, deliver transformational change and create imaginative new strategies and possibilities. He shows us how to identify the key factors shaping the future, assess their impact and deliver real change both in our own lives and in the organisations we lead or work for. His presentations are fully researched and completely customised and he has audiences spellbound with his story of ending up on Interpol’s most wanted list due to identity theft.

To read Rohit’s latest book – The Opportunity at the Edge

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A Very Human Future

Exploring and explaining how individuals, organisations, and nations can take practical steps to survive and thrive in the face of accelerating technology penetration across every aspect of society.

The Futurist Leader - Navigating Uncertainty

Helping current and emerging leaders learn to think like a futurist to help future proof their organisation and their own careers. Explaining how to identify and pursue new opportunities, anticipate emerging risks, and drive future strategy, skills, and capability development.

The Future of Identity, Money, and Financial Services

Examining how to prepare for the radical shifts that could take place over the next 5-20 years as technologies such as AI and blockchain open up radically new possibilities.

Global Megatrends / Drivers of Change

Highlighting the likely direction and impact of the critical economic, political, environmental, socio-demographic, scientific, and technological forces shaping the next three to ten years.

Exponential Technologies

Explaining critical technologies such as AI, blockchain, and quantum computing and highlighting their potential impacts and implications. I focus on showing how organisations can accelerate their learning about, experimentation with, and adoption of these technologies and maximise their return on investment.

The insight Rohit Talwar brings to examination of future trends is always expressed in an entertaining, compelling, coherent and challenging manner. This is a 'must' for all who are trying to understand an increasingly turbulent business environment and build this into their strategic plans. His ability to create an engaging debate with his audience always makes his sessions a thought provoking occasion.

Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals

Dear Rohit, I’d like to express our sincere thanks and most heartfelt appreciation for your excellent presentation at the Middle East Duty-Free Conference last week in Abu Dhabi. The delegate feedback we have received on you is also nothing short of outstanding. We greatly appreciated your commitment to the conference theme and the way you responded to the brief - it was spot on. Not only was your presentation informative and provided a real learning experience, you also delivered it in a truly entertaining manner keeping delegates on the edge of their seats throughout.


We were delighted you could make it - your keynote was absolutely outstanding and I have never seen a reaction like that from an audience, and we have had some great speakers at our events down the years like Simon Woodroffe, Gerald Ratner, and most recently Richard Reed from Innocent Smoothies. Your presentation received an extraordinary response from delegates with many saying it was the best they had ever seen. You were mobbed! Thanks again for all your effort and collaboration to make the presentation the perfect fit for the audience/event.

Future Travel Experience

Rohit is recognised as a global leader in his field, but is also an engaging and inclusive speaker/facilitator, always making sure that non-expert groups feel relaxed and able to participate. I would recommend him highly for future events of this nature

BBC New Media


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The Opportunity at the Edge

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Rohit Talwar 4

Beyond Genuine Stupidity - Ensuring AI Serves Humanity

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Rohit Talwar 4

The Future of Business

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Rohit Talwar 4

Achieving Transformation and Renewal in Financial Services

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