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Scott D McArthur

Executive Coach, Writer and TEDx Speaker

Scott McArthur’s mission is to help us break habits; especially ones not beneficial to our progress. Originally from Lanark, Scotland, Scott started his career path by breaking the very habits that should have defined him. Rather than be swept up in a predictable future, Scott decided to prove the statistics and his school career advisor wrong and went on to study biology and psychology at University. Today, he delivers keynote speeches on the human condition, guiding audiences on how to make better decisions, have better conversations, and reframe beliefs and opinions.

With a myriad of experiences, Scott’s background provides him with a deep well of content, upon which he draws, allowing him to connect with his audience in a manner quite unlike other traditional audience experiences. Rather than approaching a talk with a list of bullet points, Scott’s aim is to teach his listeners to rethink approaches, so that they can walk away with effective tools and techniques to use in their personal and work lives.

Having worked as a rock musical producer, TEDx speaker, business consultant, HR director, and research scientist, Scott’s experience is rich, and his delivery style refreshing and transformative. He became the ‘go-to’ speaker for keynote speeches at events and workshops whilst working for top organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, M&S and the UK Olympic Authority. Today, Scott and his partner, Samantha Barklam, run Sculpture Consulting Ltd, working with a diverse range of clients such as Atos, Superdry, SwissRe, Deloitte, Specsavers, Capgemini and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Scott McArthur is published in a variety of disciplines including leadership development, disease detection, personal and business transformation, mindfulness, pioneering microscopy techniques, rock music, and human resources. He focuses his keynote programmes on inspiring his audiences to change from the inside out; what he calls the “inner work” of relationships, organisations and cultures.

Learn how to change your life and disrupt the habits which define you, with Scott McArthur’s well-crafted and inspiring programmes.

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Leading from the inside out

Self-awareness as the differentiator hiding in plain sight

Why facts don't change people

The science and art of influencing change

Are you paying attention?

New leadership, emerging markets and dealing with disruption

Partnering for-profit

The role of relationships and vulnerability in business strategy

Natural stupidity and artificial intelligence

AI as an impending disaster or a route to human happiness

HR as the corporate apothecary

Performance-enhancing drugs in the workplace

Scott gave off so much energy during his keynote that if harnessed could have lit up the city.

Hannover, Scotland

Scott is a brilliant, creative and fearless speaker. He will challenge your assumptions and make you and your team think.

Charity Commission

Scott is the conference organisers dream. He is inspiring, authentic and selfless and his presence and support, help everyone on the stage and in the audience be the best they can be.


Scott is an exceptional keynote speaker and consultant who has helped me resolve complex cultural issues. He is able to apply his considerable business, HR and interpersonal knowledge to propose and implement simple and pragmatic solutions. Always positive, I have found Scott to be both a valued team member and an inspirational leader.

Department for Transport

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