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The Secret Psychologist 2

The Secret Psychologist

The Secret Psychologist

Who is The Secret Footballer? And who is The Secret Psychologist?

The Secret Footballer (TSF) is a former professional English football player who has been writing regularly for The Guardian newspapers since 2011. In addition, TSF has written a number of books with other professionals whose identities are also kept secret, one of which is The Secret Psychologist (TSP)

Aside from writing a book together “How to Win”, very little is known about their real identities leading to lots of intrigue and second-guessing just who they might be. TSF gives an insight from inside the game, ‘lifting the lid on the world of football’ while TSP helps us to understand what differentiates a good and truly great player and how football managers get the best of their teams. Together they share the secrets of success and the tricks and tips that keep the players at the top of their game.

Leicester City win the Premiership one year and face relegation the next.

How can we achieve sustainable success?

Premiership teams are made up of very different people.

How can we get a diverse group to be a purposeful team?

Winning is everything.

How can we create attitudes fro success and bounce back from failure?

The Secret Psychologist has been in the background of six people’s journey to number one in the world.

He has worked with the biggest names in the English Premiership and helped three teams achieve success in the toughest league in the world.

His take on psychology has had to be practical, hard-hitting, and get results quickly.

If you operate in a dynamic, fast-moving, changeable environment and need to drive performance and team working, his learnings from working with the elite are invaluable…


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The Secret Psychologist 2

How to Win: Lessons from the Premier League

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